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Cast your mind back to the original Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Galaxy S II, and you'll recall that version was based upon Android 4.0.3. Now it seems Samsung's 2011 flagship is getting another update to push it up  to the more recent version 4.0.4. According to reports from SamMobile, the new 4.0.4 firmware has been finalized and is to start rolling out over-the-air and through Kies, starting with unlocked Russian handsets.

The new "XWLPM" firmware for the Galaxy S II (international version, GT-i9100) was built just a few days ago on July 5, and includes a new radio firmware, too. Keep watching Kies, and that software update menu, to see when your device is ready to be updated. Or if you're feeling brave, and absolutely must have that extra 0.0.1 version bump, you'll find an ODIN-flashable version over at the source link.

Source: SamMobile


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Android 4.0.4 update for Galaxy S II available for some territories


I just updated to 4.0.4 firmware and my GS2 is running faster and smoother. Battery life increased from dead in 8 to 9 hours to 50% in 12 hours, icons look sharper, camera comes on quicker. Connections during calls seems stronger overall a tighter more controlled feel even browsing appears to be a little faster. It was rather a hard task to get done as the firmware took forever to download (phone keep disconnecting itself from my computer)But once I saw the update was available I became obsessed and kept at it until I got it done. But having experienced it for just two days I have become even more upset about the delay in Jelly Bean being offered down the road if this latest update is any indication of what's coming down the road. Then I my not get another cell phone until the GS4 comes along in March of next year or maybe a little longer. Cause right now I very happy with the GS2 and the latest update.

While the sprint e4gt gets nothing. People can say what they want about the gnex but I'm so glad I put down my sgs2 for it. Jelly bean is awesome!

Yes, that stinks. But... there is a KIES update available as of yesterday, makes the version

After the update, when I plug in my Skyrocket, that "your device doesn't support firmware update via Kies" message, no longer appears. With that said...I suspect the Skyrocket ICS update will be released very soon.

I know right? I'm so tired of all the talks about every other android phone getting the update, WTH is up with the skyrocket.getting very old very fast.......

Mexico is included in this update. Yei!!! :) Finally, I was afraid of being left two versions we're just one version behind current Android state... I want Jelly Bean notifications!!! :'(

Unlike previous updates, this one happen over the air. And surprisingly quite quick, most importantly, without messing up any of my settings or apps. I don't see any difference tho, compare to 4.0.1 or 4.0.3 . I would be far more happy with 4.1 then any more of sub of a sub of a sub versions of ICS :)

4.1 is a major minor revision (that sounds odd, I know...but it is), so it's gonna take more time to get to devices other than the Nexus ones. No way of sugar coating it, Android IS fragmented...heavily. But an update is better than no update at all, right?

I just did the 404 update and now my phone doesn't work very well. My network connections are worse, I can't pair my bluetooth devices, and there is a host of other issues I never had before. THis is terrible. Do I contact my service provider or Samsung ir Google over this? This is horrendous!