Amazon Fire TV game controller on backorder, now expected to ship in late April

The game controller for the Amazon Fire TV is now on backorder. New orders are now expected to ship on April 24. Amazon is noting the delay as being "due to popular demand." It's also limited the number of controllers you can buy at one time to nine, which isn't really a limit for more normal folks.

For more on the Fire TV, be sure to read Andrew Martonik's first impressions of the device, including the game controller.

Are you planning on getting a game controller with your Fire TV?

To get on the controller waiting list, hit up Amazon.

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dlove1 says:

and i'm sure as always, amazon will underpromise and overdeliver with delivery dates which is one of the reasons many people love the company.

Sh3ngLong says:

My controller is arriving tomorrow. Good thing I ordered it on Day 1. ;)

or you could just order from Best Buy. I grabbed the fire tv in store today.

Canada god damn it !

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hmmm says:

Can you use the controller as a normal bluetooth controller on other devices? It actually looks like a decent controller to use with my Nexus 7 if it works as a standard bluetooth controller.

Nvidiafanboy says:

I really wanted 10 controllers.. Guess I will have to settle for 9 :(

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