We've all got a bunch of devices to keep powered up these days, so make it easier — and cheaper — with these deals on UGREEN charging accessories (and more). Just be sure to enter the right promo codes and clip on-page coupons where possible to get the best discounts.

The deals are only available for a limited time and while supplies last, so don't miss out.

Half off: UGREEN USB C PD Wall Charger

Power your devices at up to 18W with this USB-C Power Delivery wall charger. It falls to just $6.99 when you use code UGREEN449 at checkout. That saves you 50% and drops it lower than we've ever seen before.

$6.99 at Amazon

Plug in: UGREEN Dual-Port USB Wall Charger

Power up two devices simultaneously from one outlet with this compact, foldable dual-port wall charger. It's only $5.99 when you clip the on-page coupon and enter UGREEN494 during checkout.

$5.99 at Amazon

On the go: UGREEN 10000mAh Power Bank

Pick up some portable power with $3 off this 10,000mAh power bank. It has two USB ports so you and a friend can juice up on the go. Just enter UGREEN874 while checking out to save.

$11.99 at Amazon

Set it down: UGREEN Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Most modern smartphones have Qi wireless charging built in, so make the most of it with this affordable wireless charger. It can power up your device at 5W, 7.5W or 10W depending on compatibility and it's 15% off with code UGREEN278.

$10.45 at Amazon

Fewer cables: UGREEN Portable Charger for Apple Watch

Leave your Apple Watch charging cable at home when you travel with $12 off this portable charger. This MFi-certified charger works with all models and plugs right into the USB port on your outlet or computer. Code UGREEN944 snags you its best price.

$27.99 at Amazon

Prop up: UGREEN Tablet Stand

Prop up your device at a usable angle with this adjustable stand. It falls to under $10 with code UGREEN748 and can work with all manner of phones and tablets, as well as devices like the Nintendo Switch, and more.

$9.89 at Amazon

The right angle: UGREEN USB-C Right Angle Cable

As more devices move to USB-C, it's a great idea to stock up on cables — especially when they are this affordable. With a rugged braided nylon construction and a right angle connector that stays out of your way, this is a great choice and drops to $7 with code UGREEN123, saving you 20%.

$7.19 at Amazon

A to C: UGREEN USB-A to USB-C Right Angle Cable

If you want to use your existing USB wall charger or plug directly into your USB 3.0 port on your laptop, the same rugged cable is available in USB-A to USB-C. It's also 20% off when you enter UGREEN855 making it just $4.79.

$4.79 at Amazon

Fast charge: UGREEN USB-C to Lightning Cable

To unlock fast charging in your iPhone or iPad, you need to get a cable like this. Plug it into a PD wall charger and you can go from empty to 50% full in just 30 minutes. Code UGREEN759 saves you 20%.

$10.79 at Amazon

Extra ports: UGREEN 4-in-1 USB-C Hub

If your laptop has gone all USB-C but you still have USB-A peripherals to plug in, this is the hub for you. It adds four USB 3.0 ports so you can hook up external storage, a keyboard and mouse, and more. Clip the on-page coupon for 5% off and enter UGREEN336 during checkout to save.

$9.59 at Amazon

More I/O: UGREEN 6-in-1 USB-C Hub

If you miss having access to HDMI, SD, and USB-A ports on your new computer, you need a hub like this 6-in-1 model. With two USB-A ports, 4K HDMI, SD and microSD slots, plus a USB-C port to keep your laptop powered, it's a great all-rounder. Code UGREEN411 plus the 5% on-page coupon drops it down to under $22.

$21.59 at Amazon

All the ports: UGREEN 7-in-1 USB-C Hub

For those wanting to plug in Ethernet, this 7-in-1 USB-C hub is a must-buy. It also has two USB-A ports, microSD and SD card slots, a 4K HDMI connector, plus a USB-C connector for power. Clip the on-page coupon and enter UGREEN852 to save almost $10.

$38.39 at Amazon

You can never have too many accessories like this, so be sure to shop up these sale items and snag these discounts while you still can.

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