What color Google Pixel Fold should you buy?

At long last, the notoriously leaky Google Pixel Fold is out of the bag. Not only does it bend without breaking, but the Pixel Fold is also IPX8 splashproof and it has a snappy 120Hz screen refresh rate — that's both inside and out! This phablet is every Pixel fan's dream, and I can wish you nothing but hearty congratulations if you can actually afford one.

So, your wallet is ready and your heart is set. You've still got to decide what coat of paint you prefer on your Pixel Fold. Let's take a look at your options.

It's a black-and-white situation

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Should you head towards the light, or come over to the dark side?

The Google Pixel Fold only comes in two shades, which makes the business of choosing one much simpler. Chances are, you probably made up your mind the minute Google dropped the first official teaser for the Pixel Fold. If you didn't, bask in the glory of the Obsidian and Porcelain variants of the foldable shown off above.

Listen to your gut and buy the Pixel Fold in whichever tone you like the most. Don't second-guess yourself. Since this is an expensive purchase, you want to be absolutely sure that you're buying the Google foldable in a pleasing colorway. Black is one of the safest options and it never looks bad on anything. When in doubt, choose the dark Obsidian shade of the Pixel Fold.

If you really hate being boring and stereotypical, the off-white Porcelain colorway is meant for you. You get an elegant white gold frame and the camera unit's the exact same hue. The creamy body looks extremely classy and oozes luxury.

Don't worry too much about getting tired of your Google foldable's look. A great Pixel Fold case can give it a drastic makeover in seconds.

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