Does the Pixel Fold have wireless charging?

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Does the Pixel Fold have wireless charging?

Best answer: Yes! The new Google Pixel Fold is not only a versatile, foldable phone, the first from the brand, but it is also a long-lasting one. It can be charged both by the included charging cable as well as wirelessly. It has 7.5W wireless charging support, so you’ll be able to plop it down on a wireless charging surface or compatible Qi wireless charge pad and watch the battery go from the dreaded red to the green in no time.

What to know about the Google Pixel Fold battery life

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The Pixel Fold, the newest addition to the foldable phone landscape and a first from Google, offers a 5.8-inch OLED screen when it’s closed, then opens up to reveal a 7.6-inch, small tablet-sized OLED screen. The Google Tensor G2 chip, 12GB RAM, 256 GB storage capacity, and tons of other multitasking features and functions means that you’ll want to do just about everything with it. But that can also drain the battery. 

The phone has a 5,821 mAh battery that is rated to last more than 24 hours per charge, which means you’ll easily get through a full workday and a full night of play before it needs a battery boost. But, as with every phone, you’ll want to ensure it’s sufficiently charged at all times. One of the most convenient ways to recharge is with a wireless charging pad. 

The Google Pixel Fold, currently available for pre-order, indeed supports 7.5W wireless charging and the industry standard Qi technology. There’s no reverse wireless charging capability like you’ll find in the rival Samsung Galaxy Fold Z Fold 4 foldable phone. It also charges at a slightly slower speed than the Fold Z4’s 10W wireless charging. But consider that it has a bigger battery that’s rated to last longer as well. And having wireless charging, in general, is a valuable option in a pinch, or if you prefer to keep a wireless charging pad on your desk. 

If you need the phone to recharge more quickly, you can plug it in using the included, or any compatible, USB-C cable. Once plugged in, the phone will charge at a rapid 21W speed. 

Another notable feature about the battery in the Google Pixel Fold, which is poised to rank among the best foldable phones, is the Extreme Battery Saver feature that can extend battery life to up to an impressive 72 hours. This is ideal when you can’t get to a power outlet for a while but just need to access the basic functions of the phone.

Bottom line: you'll be able to comfortably use the Google Pixel Fold all day, and charge it up both wired and wirelessly as needed.

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