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Google Home is quickly growing more capable as a connected home accessory. New features are being added at a steady pace, and now that third-party developers are able to extend their services onto the platform we're going to see an exciting ramp-up in capability moving into the next year. I'm excited to see what third-party teams bring to Google Home, but I'd also like to see Google add some unique features of their own to really help this platform stand out.

Here's my Google Home wish list for 2017.

Intercom Mode

Google Home

The first thing you do when setting up a Google Home is tell Google what room you have the speaker in, which means the Google Home app knows where all of the speakers are in your house. I'd like to use that as a communication tool across the house, and I think Google Home is well built for the feature.

I'd like to be able to ask my office Google Home to connect to the Play Room Google Home so I can check in on the kids, or have my spouse call to me from the bedroom if the puppy has made a mess in the hall (again). Few people have multiple Google Homes, so this may not be a priority for Google, but it'd be pretty useful nonetheless.

Better app control

Google Home

Being able to access Google's apps on my Google Home is expected, and awesome. The limited control I currently have, however, is not awesome. I would like to see Google dramatically expand the capabilities of their own apps through Home.

Google Keep, for example, should give me access to all of my lists and not just the grocery list. My to-do list is a big part of my Keep usage, and being able to check things off without grabbing my phone would be a great use case for me.

The same goes for Google Play Music. Being able to link all of the speakers to play music through the house is awesome, but more often than not the people in the house don't all want to listen to the same thing. I need my Hamilton Mixtape while I'm in the kitchen, and the kids would rather listen to something else in the Play Room. Right now you can't do that, unless you specify YouTube Music for one of the speakers. Do better, Google!

Show me on my screen

Nest Aware

If apps that have a visual component could interact with Google Home through either the Chromecast with the Google Home app installed, it'd be incredible. I'd probably use this every day.

Someone taps my Ring Doorbell and I get a notification through Google Home, I'd like to be able to say "show me" and have the video from Ring shot straight to the Chromecast in my office. If I get a notification about motion from my Nest camera, I'd like to be able to say "on screen" and have that app load on my tablet. Google Home could truly connect my house this way, and it seems like that would be useful to a lot of people.

Wi-Fi management

Google Wifi

Many new routers let you give individual devices nicknames, and control when they are connected to the network. I think controlling that with your voice would be a powerful parenting tool.

If I'm in the bedroom winding down the day and want to check and see if any of my kids are active on the network when they shouldn't be, it would be cool to ask Google Home "Who is awake?" and get a reply with active device nicknames. It would also be nice to be able to say "quiet time" or "dinner time" and have Google Home restrict Wi-Fi access to an approved list of devices.

What do you want from Google Home?

So what do you think? What feature would you like to see Google Home add? Are you more about music and movies, or should Google Home be the gateway to full house control? Share your thoughts with us!

Google Home


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