Google is pulling out all the stops for a global online Pride parade this year, with hashtags and celebrities and colorful Androids everywhere.

There are few companies out there as vocal and supportive of marriage equality as Google. The company has a long history of offering internal support for fellow LGBT Googlers to socialize, and externally we've seen everything from Android shirts with rainbow flags to uniquely public statements from the company in support of marriage equality. We've even seen the occasional gay couple in Android ads, which caused something of a stir when they aired.

This year Google is kicking things up a notch, and the company is going above and beyond the "Be together, not the same" message we've seen over the last year. In support of a global online Pride parade this year, Google has outfitted the Androidify service with appropriate accessories and worked with several celebrities to kickstart a new hashtag campaign — #andproud.


Big names like Conchita Wurst, Kylie Minogue, and Tom Daley took to Twitter this morning with the #andproud tag, announcing their support for the campaign showing off their custom Androidify characters. Heading to the Androidify site reveals some all new accessories available to support the cause, with a message about creating your character before June 27th to be included in Google's part of the global online Pride parade.

It's Pride support on Google's scale, and a not-so-subtle way to promote Android, but mostly just cool to see Google's continued support of something the company has been vocally active about for so long.