One thing you may not think about during Black Friday is the "hassle" of switching carriers or upgrading your phone, but that could mean that you're missing out on a pretty great offer that could really benefit you. Not a week goes by that a phone carrier isn't trying to entice people to switch over, but during big shopping events you tend to see them take these offers to the next level.

We've seen company's like Mint Mobile offer three months of service for just $20, and others have offered free phones to switch, large gift cards for trading in your current phone, and plenty of other options. This will require you to finance or lease a new phone, usually, and many times you have to either move to a new carrier or add another line in order to qualify.

Just because there are a few hoops to get through, doesn't mean you should rule it out entirely. Let's break down some of what you may be interested in.

Hey Verizon deals, can you hear me now?

Verizon Wireless StoreSource: Android Central

Verizon is one of the largest carriers in the United States, and the way to stay big is to be flashy and offer great reasons for customers to come and stay. Many will argue that Verizon has the best service across the country or the fastest speeds, but that does come at a cost. Some of the plans are more expensive than the competition, and most of the deals require you to switch to save or add another line so you're paying more each month.

Right now, you can switch and get up to $650 off a new iPhone, but a Galaxy smartwatch and get one half off, keep your current phone and get $250, and more. Be sure to check back often, as the deals tend to change rather often, and don't last super long when they are available.

How far will The Uncarrier go on Black Friday?

T-Mobile has been known to offer a deal or two, heck maybe even three from time to time. The carrier likes to go big, but not all the offers are as great as they may seem. Currently, T-Mobile is offering a free iPhone 11 Pro for those who switch over and trade in a phone, and if you prefer Android you can buy a Galaxy S10 or Note 10 and get a Galaxy S10e for free.

The carrier has finally announced its official Black Friday promotions, which include an iPhone "On Us" offer that can score you up to four free iPhone 11, alongside Apple Watch deals, up to $300 off the Pixel 4, 4 XL, and OnePlus 7T Pro with eligible trade in. The deals kick off on Friday, November 22, so be sure to check them all out!

Sprint your way to a free phone (for 18 months)

Lately, Sprint has been just giving away free phones to everyone willing to ditch their current carrier and make the move. Not all phones are included, and they are only available for an 18-month lease, but free is free! Over the past few years, Sprint has invested heavily in expanding its network, so you'll want to check and see if the coverage in your area has improved as a result.

In addition to phone discounts, Sprint runs promotions from time to time that match your current wireless plan at a lower price, unlimited plans for just $25 a month, and much more. If you've written Sprint off in the past for any reason, it may be time to give them another look during this holiday shopping season.

Can AT&T remain competitive this year?

AT&T StoreSource: Android Central

When it comes to deals at AT&T, the carrier absolutely loves to offer BOGO deals, where you need to be ready to get two devices instead of just one. This often requires the addition of one or two lines, or porting in of your current lines to be eligible. While it's really cool to get a second device free, if you don't happen to have two lines looking for a new phone at that time, it's a bit pointless.

We aren't ruling AT&T out of the Black Friday fun, but the carrier does need to go back to the drawing board a bit if it wants to have deals that win out in comparison to what others are likely to offer.

What's a Mint Mobile even?

Mint MobileSource: Android Central

When you think of the biggest carriers in the U.S. you may not think immediately of Mint Mobile, but that shouldn't stop you from considering whatever crazy offer the carrier will unveil. Mint Mobile is an MVNO that runs on the nationwide T-Mobile network, which means you'll have great coverage throughout the country, but at a fraction of the cost.

During Black Friday 2018, Mint Mobile ran a deal that offered three months of service for just $20, and recently the carrier offered up six months of service for $60. These are some insane deals that definitely make it worth considering the switch, so be sure to be on the look out for what Mint Mobile may be up to.

Mint Mobile kicked off its best Black Friday deal already, which scores you 12GB of data for $15 a month which is a killer deal. If you're looking to make the switch, now may be the time!

While it doesn't offer traditional phone financing, Mint Mobile does have 0% interest financing options available on a variety of phones, including the latest iPhone models, Google Pixel, and more.

To Visible or not to Visible?!

Enjoy the idea of having Verizon's coverage but don't want to fork over the money each month to get it? Well, meet Visible. The MVNO runs on the Verizon network but comes without the high costs, along with a few other things. There are some trade-offs to consider, like no physical retail locations, customer support may not be as good, tethering speeds can vary, and more, but overall you're getting largely the same speeds and coverage for less.

Visible is a newer carrier in the space, so we aren't sure exactly what could be coming during Black Friday. We've seen previous offers include $200 prepaid Mastercard when purchasing a new device, but we'd imagine that there will be some discounts on the service coming as well.

Get ready for Black Friday!

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