The LG V20 is a huge phone, featuring a 5.7-inch main display below a smaller secondary ticker. If you're like us, you'll want to find a quality tempered glass screen protector to ensure both displays stay scratch-free and protected from damage.

But LG threw a curveball for those looking for tempered glass protection by literally adding curves to the top and bottom of the display. As has been discussed in the AC Forums, it's been a challenge to find a quality tempered glass screen protector that offers good coverage without peeling up around the top and bottom.

There are also a number of really bad options floating around early in this product cycle, so you'll want to be careful with which one you buy. If it's not sized or installed properly, you're going to have a bad time.

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Having said all that, here are some recommendations taken from firsthand experiences from the Android Central community.

Update March, 2017: Added the Spigen screen protector to the list.



The V20 tempered glass screen protector from Incipio was recommended by AC user durandetto, who shared the results of his purchase in the forum thread linked above.

When installed correctly, this screen protector will provide coverage for the entire lit screen — including the second screen at the top. It's not full edge-to-edge coverage, and features a big cutout in the top-left corner for the front-facing camera. However, it adheres smoothly and will do the trick if properly installed in a dust-free environment. After a few days, durandetto did report that the screen protector wasn't as hard as he thought it would be, as scratches had started to appear on the protector itself. But that means it's also doing its job and protecting the screen.

Currently, it seems this screen protector isn't available on Amazon, or even Incipio's site, but you can get it from T-Mobile. It's definitely on the pricier side, but it's worth considering if you trust Incipio and absolutely must have a tempered glass screen protector on your phone.

See at T-Mobile{.cta .shop.nofollow}

Pure.Gear (via ansa82 from the Forums)

This screen protector was recommended by AC user ansa82 in the forums, after she picked it up in-store from Verizon. Here's her quick breakdown of the process:

It's high definition glass. Comes with an easy install alignment tray, is touch and swipe precise, promises to be bubble free and advertises a case friendly fit.

Like the option from Incipio, this one also fails to provide full edge-to-edge coverage and has a cut out around the front-facing camera, but the inclusion of the alignment tray should help if you typically have trouble installing screen protectors right on the first attempt.

If this all sounds good, you can buy it from Amazon at a decent price.

See at Amazon


This screen protector was also mentioned in the forums as a decent option. It's definitely the cheapest product on this list, and boasts 9H hardness and .3mm thickness.

Again, as with seemingly every tempered glass screen protector for the V20, you're not going to get edge-to-edge protection here, but instead will cover the active portion of the display and second screen. You'll want to make sure to apply this one starting from the bottom, just above the LG logo, and work your way up to ensure a good installation. Considering the other options on this list, with Monoy's offering priced under $10, it's worth giving this one a shot.

See at Amazon


Brought to our attention by Mike747guy in the comments, Spigen offers a two-pack of screen protectors for the LG V20. Made with the same tough tempered glass with 9H hardness, these screen protectors won't provide full edge-to-edge coverage, but they do extend to protect the second screen and feature a cutout around the front-facing camera.

If you're frustrated by the lack of full-screen coverage and are seriously concerned about damaging your phone, you should know that the Spigen screen protectors are fully compatible with cases for the LG V20. These are also guaranteed by Spigen with a risk-free lifetime replacement warranty.

Which did you get?

Did you get a screen protector for your V20? Some folks have said they'll just roll with the pre-installed screen protector out of the box.

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