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Amazon has finally updated the Fire HD 8 and brought many features that are long overdue including more storage, and an improved quad-core processor. Amazon also brought USB-C to the Fire HD 8 (2020), finally moving away from the extremely outdated micro USB. With the move to USB-C, this makes it possible to quickly charge your tablet, provided that you have at least a 15W charger. These are the best fast chargers you can get for your new Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020).

Anker Powerport III Nano Render

Tiny and fast: Anker PowerPort III Nano

Staff Pick

The biggest benefit of the PowerPort III Nano from Anker is right in the name. This tiny USB-C charger offers smart and fast charging up to 18W, which is more than sufficient for the Fire HD 8 (2020).

Samsung 25W Wall Charger Render

Get a cable too: Samsung 25W USB-C Wall Charger

Let's be real. You can never have enough cables and you don't want to worry about trying to keep track of the lone cable provided by Amazon. The Samsung 25W Fast Charger not only gives you as much juice as needed, but there's also a detachable USB-C cable, giving you another option. Or you can keep it with your charger and never have to worry about rummaging around trying to look for one in a pinch.

AmazonBasics USB- C Charger Render

Match it with Amazon: AmazonBasics 15W One-Port USB-C Wall Charger

AmazonBasics has started making more and more accessories available, and that includes chargers for your devices. This USB-C Wall Charger is rated for 15W, matching the fastest that the Fire HD 8 (2020) can handle. The charger itself sports a single USB-C port, along with foldable prongs so you can pack it away when you're heading out of town.

$15 at Amazon
Aukey 18W PD Charger Render

A little block: AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD Charger

With the PA-Y18 charger from AUKEY, you'll get a single USB-C port, along with a foldable design so you can take this charger anywhere. This charger is also rated for up to 18W, and offers USB Power Delivery, giving you as much juice as your Fire HD 8 can handle without harming the charger or the tablet.

$12 at Amazon
RavPower PD Pioneer 30W Render

Stepping it up: RavPower PD Pioneer 30W

Chances are that you aren't going to only be charging one device at a time, all of the time, so why not get a charger that's as versatile as you need it to be? The RavPower PD Pioneer 30W sports a single USB-C capable of providing up to 18W of power, along with a single 12W USB-A Port. With this, you'll be able to charge your phone with your Fire HD 8 at the same time.

Aukey 18W Fast Charger Render

Added safeguards: AUKEY PA-F1 18W Fast Charger

When it comes to the PA-F1 Charger from AUKEY, this offers a slightly different design compared to the PA-Y18 also featured here. The PA-F1 offers a slightly larger design which is thanks to the added safeguards that are built-in to prevent the overcharging of your tablet. Plus, you'll still get up to 18W of charging speed to handle what your tablet or even your phone needs.

$10 at Amazon
Anker PowerDrive PD 2 Render

Road trip: Anker PowerDrive PD 2

Having chargers around the house is extremely convenient, but having a car charger can be even more convenient. The Anker PowerDrive PD 2 offers a USB-C port rated for 18W and Power Delivery, along with a 12W PowerIQ USB-A charging port. Anker allows you to be able to quickly charge up your Fire HD 8 (2020), even if you're on the road.

Anker PowerPort PD 2 Render

Simultaneous fast charging: Anker PowerPort PD 2

The biggest benefit to Anker's PowerPort PD 2 isn't the useful charging indicator light or the foldable plug. Instead, it's the fact that you get a USB-C and USB-A port for charging, and both of these will charge as fast your tablet or smartphone allows them to. This charger is rated up to 30W and features several built-in safeguards to prevent overcharging or overheating.

UGREEN 18w Usb C Charger Render

Quick Charge 4.0: UGREEN 18W USB C Charger

There are a few different fast-charging standards that manufacturers can take advantage of, and the UGREEN 18W Charger covers all of them. This 18W charger offers a sleek design while providing Power Deliver 3.0 and Quick Charge 4.0. With this combination, you can rest easy knowing you can top off your Fire HD 8 (2020) faster than ever.

Apple 18W USB-C Charger Render

Solid charger: Apple 18W USB-C Power Adapter

Despite the iPhone being stuck with Lightning, Apple's other products have moved onto bigger and better things with USB-C charging. Apple is also making its USB-C power adapters available as separate purchases, so you can snag one of these 18W chargers if you like the aesthetic without any additional branding or logos.

Aukey Omnia 65W Fast Charger Render

Upping the ante: AUKEY Omnia 65W Fast Charger

It's all fine and dandy to buy a charger for one specific device, but why not get one that can work with all of your devices? The AUKEY Omnia 65W fast charger is the fastest on this list and the USB-C port is capable of up to 65W when used by itself. But with the GaN and Dynamic Detect features, your Fire HD 8 (2020) will only use the juice it needs so there's no need to worry about overheating.

$40 at Amazon
CHOETECH 18W PD Charger Render

Slim and compact: CHOETECH 18W PD Fast Charger

CHOETECH's 18W PD Fast Charger is compatible with many charging standards, including Samsung and Apple Fast Charging, along with USB-C Power Delivery. This makes it a wonderful candidate to be your charger of choice when you need to juice up the Fire HD 8 (2020) and It delivers up to 18W of power.

$10 at Amazon

Fast charge all the things

Seeing what you get from the Fire HD 8 (2020) in a price-to-performance comparison is impressive enough. Now that Amazon has added fast charging with USB-C and you have a "can't miss" tablet for just about everyone. But you'll want to make sure you have the right charger to get the fastest charge possible. That's why we recommend the Anker PowerPort III Nano thanks to its compact design and 18W capacity, to go along with Anker's PowerIQ technology to make sure your device gets charged at the right speeds.

Those who would prefer to get a new charger with a cable that matches will want to check out Samsung's 25W USB-C Wall Charger. Not only does Samsung's charger provide up to 25W of power, but there's a detachable USB-C to USB-C cable so you can keep everything together and matched up. Or you can unplug the USB-C cable and add it to your arsenal of cables to grab in a pinch.

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