Many people ask where they're from and what the dynamic of their family is. DNA tests have grown in popularity over the years, largely to answer these types of questions. Big shopping events don't just bring discounts to gadgets and gizmos. You can find out about your heritage and ancestry for a discount thanks to some Black Friday 2019 Deals.

There are a wide variety of kits available right now, though you should do some research before purchasing to make sure you're getting the best package for you.

What type of DNA test kits are available?

With all the DNA test kits out there, it can be pretty confusing deciding which to buy at first, but it's easy to narrow down which to choose based on what you're looking to discover. The most common tests are family ancestry tests. These are also known as Autosomal tests and help you identify living or recently-decesed relatives that you didn't know about previously. You can also find out about your long-term ancestry and genetic health with these tests. Because of this, these types of tests are good for building family trees.

Two other types of tests are Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. These offer a more specific look at either your father's or mother's side of the family. Y-DNA tests can only be taken by males and help to trace your father's lineage. They can also be used as a paternity test. Meanwhile, the mtDNA tests can be taken by both males and females to trace your mother's lineage.

There are also DNA tests that include information about your health, carrier status reports, and more. You can go in-depth with tests for skin care, weight, food & pet sensitivities, and more. There is even a DNA test for your pet that can tell you more about your furry friend's ancestry and the best way to care for your pet. Some of the test kits you can find online will tell you more about your:

  • Ancestry
  • Living Relatives
  • Paternity
  • Health + Wellness
  • Allergies
  • Weight
  • Skin
  • Pets

Which DNA test kit is the best?

Picking a single best test kit is a bit subjective but there are three test kits that keep coming up as the best in all the research that we've done. Kits from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage consistently come out on top for their wide-reaching searches and informative results. Picking the best one for you comes back to what you're looking to discover about yourself or your history. While 23andMe is stellar for genetic health testing, AncestryDNA excels at genealogy and matching you up with your ancestors. MyHeritage is an even better pick for international matches and an advanced look into your genetics.

While these tests rate highly, they aren't the only options. Another test might be better suited for you depending on what you're hoping to find out. While African Ancestry's DNA test might have a smaller match database, it's more valuable than many others as an in-depth look at African lineages.

Does a DNA test kit make a good gift?

Though it depends on the person, most of the time a DNA test makes a great gift. It's a great option to get someone who's impossible to buy for, and it's unlike most other gifts as your recipent will get to learn a wealth of information about themselves once all is said and tested.

Best Black Friday DNA Test Kit deals

AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test

With this easy-to-use test kit, you simply send a saliva sample to AncestryDNA's lab using the included prepaid package and receive your results in six to eight weeks.

With this kit, you'll learn your ethnicity estimate with informative geographic detail and in-depth historical insights. You'll also see your connections to living relatives and other data. If you'd like to gain access to more records, you can sign up for an Ancestry subscription for access to billions of records and millions of family trees to help you learn more about your genealogy and origins.

Who are you?

AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test

The current deal for this test is one of the best for this test that we've ever seen. It test tells you more about where you come from, giving you what's known as an "ethnicity estimate". It will show different regions that make up your estimate, how your ancestors moved around, and more.

$49 $99 $50 Off

23andMe: Ancestry + Traits Service

The 23andMe's Ancestry + Traits test takes you through your ancestry composition and where your DNA is from. It explores your maternal and paternal ancestors and lets you know where they moved around the world.

The Traits service is one of the more fun kits you can choose, as you'll receive reports on things like hair photobleaching and freckles. You could learn more about your taste and smell preferences, your ability to match a musical pitch, and more.

More info...

23andMe: Ancestry + Traits Service

With this 23andMe kit, you'll learn all about your ancestors as well about your close family members from across the world; maybe some you didn't even know you had.

$79 $99 $20 Off

23andMe: Health + Ancestry Service

This 23andMe testing kit includes all the infomation you'd receive with the Ancestry + Traits kit above, but also gives you an in-depth look at your genes and your health, including your chances of develping certain health conditions or whether you're a carrier for inherited conditions. You'll even learn about how your DNA affects your well-being and how that could influence certain choices you make. All this extra information comes for just $20 extra.

This is 23andMe's best kit that's now 50% off! A well-rounded kit like this is perfect for giving as a gift to a close family member or friend during the upcoming holiday season.

All you need to know

23andMe: Health + Ancestry Service

Along with everything the Ancestry + Traits test above includes, this service also includes wellness reports, carrier status reports, and health predisposition reports. These breakdowns could inform you of your chances of developing issues like Type 2 Diabetes or Celiac Disease, being a carrier of genetic variants linked to health conditions, and more.

$99 $199 $100 Off


MyHeritage provides the most comprehensive list of ethnicities of all the testing kits, including 42 regions with 7 East Asian regions among them. The simple cheek swab need for this test only takes two minutes. With that swab, you'll be able to find out more about your ancestry and relatives you never knew existed, including information from both sides of your family.

MyHeritage has a vast global database which provides you with worldwide DNA matches. There are free and paid subscription options to take your family history research even further.

Let's go deeper

MyHeritage: Ancestry & Ethnicity Genetic Testing

To get this deal you'll need to click the on-page coupon. MyHeritage's DNA test kit gives you a detailed breakdown of your origins from 42 different ethnicities from around the world, which is more than any other test on the market. You'll also gain information on living or recently-deceased relatives, as well as the ability to build your own family tree online or using the free MyHeritage app.

$59 $79 $20 Off


Basepaws provides the world's first at-home cat genetics test so you can learn more about your furry feline friend, from breed to health, traits, and more. The kit uses a simple saliva swab sample that won't be too difficult to obtain, though you made need to hold a treat out in front of them to get a sample! The Basepaws test takes between 6 to 9 weeks to complete.

Basepaws' data is continually expanding and currently includes 4 Breed Groups and 18 Breeds to give you better insight on your cat. You'll also receive a health report that includes over 39 genetic mutations to watch for which are linked to 17 genetic conditions. It's always good to know of any potential health concerns as early as possible, and Basepaws can help.

Don't forget Kitty!

Basepaws Cat DNA Test: Breed + Health Reports

As seen on the ABC hit show Shark Tank, this DNA test is designed for your favorite feline friend. You'll learn more about your cat's breed, health, and any potential genetic conditions that could be extremely helpful to know of ASAP. It just requires a simple saliva swab too.

$89 $129 $40 Off

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