Best Amazon Echo Dot mounts 2024

Currently in its fifth generation, Amazon's Echo Dot has made quite a name for itself as a small yet feature-packed smart speaker. Despite being a fairly affordable device, it features a stylish design that allows it to blend perfectly with your home's decor, as well as its surroundings. That being said, if you'd still prefer to keep it tucked away in a way that doesn't attract too much attention, we suggest taking a look at these best Echo Dot mounts available out there. While some of them have a shelf that you can place the Echo Dot on, others can even help you hide it away in wall or ceiling. From the spherical newer models to the puck-shaped older variants, we have rounded up some of the best mounting accessories for most (if not all) generations of the smart speaker.

Made for Echo Dot 5th and 4th Gen

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Made for Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Made for Echo Dot 2nd Gen

These are the best Amazon Echo Dot mounts you can buy

It's not exactly a surprise that many of the best Alexa speakers come from Amazon itself. Even the company's affordable Echo Dot line-up has gained a whole bunch of features and improvements over each generation, with the 5th Gen Amazon Echo Dot Amazon Echo Dot with Clock even having a temperature sensor.

One of the biggest advantages of the Echo Dot has always been its relatively small size. Regardless of the generation, this smart speaker has managed to maintain its compact shell despite having new features added to it. However, not everyone wants to have a voice-activated speaker placed on their shelf (or desk) pulsing its ring light every now and then. If that includes you, these best Echo Dot wall mounts might just be what you need, as they'll help you tuck away your smart speaker out of sight.

Our top vote goes to EchoGear's excellent outlet shelf, as it converts a regular power outlet to a shelf on which you can place your Echo Dot. We love that it works just as well with the older models, as it does with the newer variants. If you'd rather have a custom-made product, we recommend either EchoGear's or Maxonar's wall mounts, depending on the Echo Dot model you have. Dot Genie's flush mount is ideal if you want your smart speaker completely hidden away, whereas TecScan's DotDock is a unique offering that lets you ditch the Echo Dot's own power supply altogether.

And of course, these wall mounts are just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to check out some of the best smart home accessories to buy with Amazon Echo Dot to get even more out of this small smart speaker.

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