Black Friday

Amidst all the shoving and waiting in lines, there were deal to be had

Hopefully, everyone who celebrates had a great Thanksgiving, and are having a wonderful long weekend. While for some of us, that means sitting inside where it's warm, spending time with family and maybe watching a movie or playing some games, for a lot of people shopping is a big part of it all. 

While Black Friday means many things to many people (the "Black" comes from retailers making a profit and being able to use black ink versus red) it always means deals — both in stores and online. Plenty of those deals were for Android phones, tablet and accessories.

Did you score any?

Answer ye olde poll in the sidebar to the right (or after the break). Tell us all about it. 


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This week's sidebar poll: Did you grab any Android during the Black Friday sales?


I was almost abducted by sprint employees, they cornered me in the store and wouldn't let me out lol

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So far no. Everyone is happy with what they have cell phone wise and there wasn't " too good to pass up" deal on anything.

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

The note series appeals to a certain crowd , I did see a galaxy mega and that thing is f!@ken huge

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I didn't get any deals on anything but I did pick up a note 3. I really don't care for Black Friday

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You will. When you get married and have kids, Black Friday becomes your favorite day of the year... at least your wallets favorite day anyways...

It's a good saving over a crapple TV! Close enough

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Me, neither. The last time I did Black Friday shopping, my brother and I almost got into several fights because of people pushing and shoving mom.

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I don't do it either (well did once a few years ago when we had to cover our bases on laptops for the kids) but the wife lives for the day.

I don't get it but hell, I got 8-9 continuous hours of peace and quite to do whatever I want, most of the Christmas shopping is done, and she came home on a shopping high...

viva el viernes negro!

Picked up a Galaxy S4 for free at Best Buy. Talking to one of the reps there they said they probably activated over 250 Galaxy S4's. When I got mine, that's all everyone was getting. Some people were getting 2 at a time lol. Also my stepson picked up a LG G2 for $49.

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I got the Galaxy Tab 3 for $299 but just returned it. The resolution is just too low for me.

Um, was that the price on sale? If so wtf why wouldn't you get the LG G Pad?

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The G Pad is $259.99 right now on eBay brand new sold by Newegg, still have a few left black or white, no TAC and free shipping

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That's a great deal, man. I'd buy one, if I hadn't already bought the Nexus 7 back in July.

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Replaced my mother's touchpad with android that just died with this for $280 at Sam's club and replaced my dad's crap tablet he got with an Asus memopad HD 7 for another hundred. It figures, give the old housewife the better tablet and the electrical engineer something that isn't a complete loss when he does something stupid with it.

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I tried but the wife happened to me. I was going to get a Nook HD or teh 8" Insignia Best Buy had but got shot down. My Moto X got delivered on Friday, but I ordered it last week.

Nothing I wanted Android wise, but I did get a Xbox 360 bundle for $80 and finally used all that Best Buy credit before it expired next month.
The best part was I bought it online, chose store pickup, parked at the door, walked in got my purchase and was back out in less than 10mins. If only grocery shopping was that easy!

Not really Black Friday deal but I got a 32GB Nexus 7 for $50 off from Staples on Wednesday. Sweet deal.

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Hmmm Thanksgiving the day before, a day for being greatful for what you have-and then go out to a store and kick shit out of some poor sod over a 32" t.v or a tablet ect Logic hmm.

And it happend here in the UK glad i dont give a toss and i am HONESTLY greatful for what i have :-)

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Picked up 2 MotoX's for parents when they were free on vzw. Ill pick one up for myself hopefully Monday. If I can't then, I'll be witing for a wood backed 32gb number!

I didn't purchase anything but I did win a Nexus 5 giveaway so I'm set. I'm still actually rocking a Sprint S3 on Page Plus though that seems to do anything I need it to do.

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I didn't get anything android related this time. Got a surface RT to try something new but the fella did get the samsung deal on the note 10.1 for 50 bucks off.

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We also got the RT with keyboard from Micro Center for 179 I think. It's actually really cool, nice little machine.

Posted via my hTc one with a cracked screen!

How are you liking the touch cover? Thought about getting one on the cheap but unsure of it's real life usage

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It's not like having a real keyboard but it's okay. Definitely not worth the asking price but if you can get a deal it's not worthless. It feels more like a laptop with it, but I don't know that I would miss it. Not actually having a key press is something I will probably never get accustomed to.

So far this has been a Samsung weekend.
Ordered the Tab 3 10.1 yesterday for $100 cheaper.
Then upgraded the wife to an S4 for $0 and got the Galaxy gear for $50 as part of the deal.
Pretty pleased with the deals so far!

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Where was the deal for Galaxy Gear at $50? I must have missed it. I also upgraded my wife's phone to S4 (Best Buy) for $0.

Our fam did two Samsung s4's from best buy @ $0.00. Not to shabby of a deal for a top five phone.

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I picked up Chromecast for 10 bucks at Best Buy. Now I'm waiting on Cyber Monday deal with other stuff that I needed.

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Grabbed my One Max and my wife's Moto X for a grand total of just under $150.

I also picked up a couple Sandisk Ultra 32GB micro sdhc cards from Staples for $20 each. That wasn't too bad, considering retail is usually between $40-60

yeah, but the $75 in gas to get to and from the nearest Best Buy kinda cuts into the savings ;)

Grabbed an LG G Pad being sold by Newegg on eBay brand new free shipping and no tax for $259.99, just couldn't say no at that price, deal is still up also if anyone is still interested, link is in the G Pad forums :)

Moto X Dev edition on Monday..... But a last minute change of mind may have me surprisingly got for the $199 Moto G... Such a lot of phone for so little cash

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Yeah, the 200 unlocked Z10 is a great deal. I wish BlackBerry would markdown the Q10 to a similar price point.

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Really a good deal if on the share everything plan. 4g tablet with modern specs. After the two year commitment it is less than asking price and you still have the always on connection. Hopefully they keep it current but it is Verizon so... Root it after the one year warranty

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I got the nook simple touch at Barnes and Nobles for $39. I plan to root it and get the amazon app store in it.

Posted via my Nexus 7

Thanks, it's going to an awesome e-reader after I get some cool reading apps in it.

Posted via my Galaxy S4 Google Edition

No money left, so no. I got my AT&T MOTO X about a month ago, that was my treat to myself.
Im now unemployed so no buying anything for quite a while now.
Happy I got a Chromecast for my Birthday in September.

I picked up two IPhone 5S's so I could run over them with my car.It felt so good to stick it too the man.That a show them that Android rules.You can thank me now.....

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

Kinda...picked up a pebble directly from pebble for 20 off. Amazon wanted over 200 for a pebble earlier today. Oh and also sold my s4 on swappa. A good day!

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Had to choose between the Nokia 1520 and HTC One. Went with the HTC One. What sold me was the almost silly size of the 1520 and the superior voice quality of the HTC One. Honestly the HTC One has the best call quality of any phone I have ever owned.

Realized that although the 1520 was bigger that's all it was, bigger and yet still not big enough to be a real full time tablet. Was very tempting though. Voice quality was the thing.

I snagged a Dell Venue 8 in 32GB for $149 shipped from Dell.

Got a 32GB and a 64GB MicroSD card for $17.99 and $34.99 respectively from

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I was so torn on whether to pick up a Chromebook or not. I just don't know if its gonna suit me in my new job without Microsoft Office. If it had it, I would pick it up instantly. The competition has nothing on Excel and Word. There's a lot of nice ultrabooks but I hear Windows 8 doesn't play well with google apps, so Idk what I'm gonna do.

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Nope, last year we splurged, unfortunately this year we weren't as fortunate. Time are tight right now :-(

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I hear ya, brother. But, honestly, other than doorbusters, I don't think you missed out on anything.

I noticed, both Walmart and Best Buy claimed that several items were "on sale," when those items were really the exact same price they always are.

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yeah I have to say the deals were quite disappointing this year. Maybe I wasn't really paying attention because there was nothing I "needed", but if something would have really jumped out at me, say a 60ish inch TV I would have gone with it.

Yeah. IIRC, the only TVs that were "on-sale" were last year's models, mostly in the 42-50 inch range.

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Was hoping I would "pick" up my 4.3 update for my note 2 on at&t seeing as how they have updated Everyother galaxy phone but nope. I can't wait re-new my contract. Motorola here I come.

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I plan on taking advantage of that sweet Moto x deal on Monday if that counts.

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Grabbed a Verizon Ellipsys tablet for the wife. By the end of the day I had ordered another for my father in law. Almost snatched one of the many GS4 deals but I'm really wanting a Moto X with 32 GB.

It should, as long as the supported apps (YouTube, Pandora, Google Music/Movies, HBO Go, and Netflix) are up-to-date.

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Finally got a Moto X because I couldn't wait any longer for the wooden backs. Oh well I'm still happy.

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I wanted to get a Pebble but they were not on sale at Best Buy. Will be patient for a bit longer...

Posted via my awesome, longer lasting phone than yours aka droid MAXX

I picked up a few SG4's
2 from Best Buy
3 from Sprint
Total $ spent $120.00

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Yeah, I got that last weekend. Seems like everyone is picking up a N7. Probably one of the best purchases I've made all year.

Posted via Samsung GS3 Wishing It Was A N5

Nope. I bought a few things on Black Friday, but none of them were Black Friday deals or Android devices. I was tempted to pick up an HTC One, but decided it was too risky to give as a gift and probably would just get returned anyway.

Black Friday was very much lacking this year. You know why?! I got a coffee maker on Black Friday...Happy with it but its still funny!

Got a Galaxy Gear from Amazon for $250. Now if the update for my T-mobile Note 2 would come out to make it compatible before it arrives, that'd be great.

Not exactly on Black Friday..but I did took delivery of new locked T-Mob LG G2 that day, purchased from Swappa a few days back. Now running sweetly on my microSIM trimmed Straight Talk/T-Mob network. Coming from a Gingerbread 2.3 Acer Liquid MT (data 3-4+Mbps tops), this thing is lightning fast (hitting 13-14+Mbps 4G consistently).

I did, technically. I got me a 4G Nexus 7 (2013). Wasn't on special or anything.. in fact I though BBuy was matching the deal from Google Play for the $25 credit, but I was wrong. That said, I went out at 2am on Black Friday, and they had one in stock. And now I have it, and I couldn't be happier!

I purchased a Verizon Moto X for my wife. $150- $50MIR-$200 visa pre paid card through Xfinity. So they are paying me $100 for my phone! And no activation cost to boot. She is using motomaker to design herself.

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No Android stuff per se. I did pick up a Jawbone Jambox for $95.00 at Costco to use with my N7 & S3.

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