4 years ago

Android 3.0 Honeycomb screen shots


Android 3.0 Honeycomb

We've walked you through Android 3.0 Honeycomb. We've given you Honeycomb wallpapers. And now it's time for Honeycomb screen shots. Below are a culmination of wandering through the Android 3.0 SDK preview. Things may well change by the final release, but this should give you a very basic look at what's to come.

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4 years ago

Android 3.0 Honeycomb wallpapers


Honeycomb Wallpaper
Click me for the real thing!

Sure, that Honeycomb Easter egg is pretty awesome. But it's even more awesome as a wallpaper. So we've got it, Lloyd, and all the default wallpapers from the Android 3.0 SDK preview packaged all nice and neat into a single downloadable file, ready for you to put on your Android smartphone, tablet, or, hell, on your computer. Only one place to get 'em -- in the Android Central Forums. Thanks, Matt!

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4 years ago

Honeycomb Easter Egg: Rezzzzzzz ...


Honeycomb Easter Egg

Remember the Easter egg in Gingerbread? There's also one lurking in Honeycomb. Not quite as scary as its Gingerbread counterpart, but no less cool. Thanks, Matt!

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4 years ago

Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy Tab 2 all but confirmed for Mobile World Congress



Samsung recently said that "something big" was coming at Mobile World Congress, and rumors began flying around about the next generation of Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab devices. A leaked Samsung PR detail has emerged which specifically mentions the successors to both. So it appears Samsung indeed has plans to unveil the Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy Tab 2 at this years Mobile World Congress in February. Will we see Galaxy S devices shipping with Gingerbread and a 10-inch Galaxy Tab successor running Honeycomb? We can only hope, and you can bet we'll be there to find out. [Samsung Hub]

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4 years ago

What's new in Android 3.0 Honeycomb


Android 3.0 features

We got our first real taste of Android 3.0 -- "Honeycomb" -- on the Motorola Xoom tablet during CES in early January. It's a pretty big leap from the Android we know and love today, to be sure. But most of what we saw were demonstrations, video of what Honeycomb can and will do.

But today Google released a preview of the Android 3.0 software development kit -- the tools developers need to make applications. Along with the updated SDK, Google's compiled an excellent highlights package. Join us after the break where we'll walk you through the some of the major changes, and what we can expect in the coming year.

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4 years ago

Nook Color firmware v1.1.0 update now available

Nook Color

Barnes and Noble has issued a firmware update for the now insanely popular Nook color. While it may not be Froyo it does have plenty of bug fixes included in the release so you'll want to make sure you get updated as soon as possible. As we've mentioned a good many times now, the Nook color is a pretty awesome Android tablet when all is said and done. Check out the list of changes below:

  • Improved performance of Wi-Fi connectivity, Home and Shop.
  • Ability to pinch and zoom in browser.
  • Enhanced reading experience for magazines and children's books.
  • Access helpful NOOKcolor related information and support tips on the new
    default browser home page.
  • Reduce mistyped passwords with "show password" option during registration
    and Wi-Fi set up.
  • Easily identify NOOK kids Read To Me™ books with a new text banner next to
    the titles in Shop.
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements.

You can hit the Barnes and Noble site now to grab the update. If you have any issues head on into the Nook Color forums for some help. And do note that this breaks root, check out this post in the forums for more info. Thanks stldavis7!

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4 years ago

Atrix 4G, Xoom coming at the end of February, Motorola Mobility CEO says


Motororola Atrix 4G 

It pays to listen to Motorola Mobility's quarterly earnings calls, because new CEO Sanjay Jha (OK, old CEO, but new CEO of the newly separate MM ... you know what we mean) dropped a little news on a couple of devices you might care about.

The Motorola Atrix 4G is due on AT&T by the end of February, he said. The Xoom could be late February or March (Verizon's said Q1 from the outset, so Jha's hedge is safe either way). The LTE-capable Droid Bionic's slated for the end of the second quarter, as is the hardware upgrade (whatever that ends up being) for the Xoom to get LTE data. Good news, indeed.

Oh, and highlights of the earnings report:

  • Revenue accrual of $3.4 billion, which is 21% higher than Q4 2009
  • Mobile devices comprised of $2.4 billion of that revenue, which is up 33% from 2009
  • 4.9 million smartphones were shipped
  • Operating cash revenue sits at $225 million

Full announcement's after the break. [Motorola]

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4 years ago

Favorite Tab apps; EVO Shift 4G contact management [from the forums]


Android Forums at Android Central

Halfway through the week and almost to the end of the month. Some big things happening in February with Mobile World Congress and that super secret Sprint event we've all been talking about. Many ideas as to what it may be but nothing "for sure" has popped up yet.  If you have any Android related questions or concerns post em up in the forums. We'll get you all the answers you are looking for or at the very least, point you in the right direction.

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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4 years ago

LG Optimus 2X and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc go up for pre-order in the UK


If you fancy either the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc or the LG Optimus 2X and are down with unloading some cash for pre-order, then Play.com has just what you are looking for. Both devices are now listed there. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc will set you back £459.99 and has an expected release date as April 1, 2011. If the LG Optimus 2X is more you're style then you are looking at £469.99 with an expected date of March 18, 2011. While we're not so sure about the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, the LG Optimus 2X info lines up with the Vodafone UK release for the most part. [Play] Thanks, Dave!

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4 years ago

Amazon UK releases Android app


 Amazon UK app

Amazon UK has announced the release of its official Android app, available now on the Android market. In addition to all the features found on the full Amazon.co.uk site, such as wish lists, one-click ordering and order tracking, the new app has a barcode reading feature. This allows users to scan codes found on products and look up prices on Amazon, a feature which worked really well on the handful of DVDs and games we tested it with.

The Amazon UK app is now available for free on the Android market for UK users. A QR code can be found after the jump. [Amazon UK]

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4 years ago

Android 3.0 SDK preview: 2D, 3D graphics and dual-core support in Honeycomb!


Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Google just announced Android 3.0 Honeycomb and has released a preview of the SDK to go along with it. Here are the big points:

  • A new "holographic" user interface and interaction model -- what we've seen on the Motorola Xoom.
  • UI framework for creating great apps for larger screen devices.
  • High-performance 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Support for multicore processor architectures.
  • Rich multimedia: New multimedia features such as HTTP Live streaming support, a pluggable DRM framework, and easy media file transfer through MTP/PTP, give developers new ways to bring rich content to users.
  • New types of connectivity: New APIs for Bluetooth A2DP and HSP let applications offer audio streaming and headset control. Support for Bluetooth insecure socket connection lets applications connect to simple devices that may not have a user interface.
  • Enhancements for enterprise: New administrative policies, such as for encrypted storage and password expiration, help enterprise administrators manage devices more effectively.

That's quite the laundry list, indeed! We're going to dive into this. [Android Developers Blog]

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4 years ago

Slacker updated for better 4G streams, plus we've got subscriptions to give away!


Slacker Radio for Android

If you're a user of Slacker Radio, head on over to the Android Market and update the app. (This one deals with permissions, so it won't update automatically.) There are a handful of bugfixes, but the big one for us is that you'll now get higher bitrates and larger album art when streaming over a 4G network.

And speaking of Slacker Radio, we've got a handful of free subscriptions of varying lengths that we're giving away. Hit up this thread in the Android Central Forums to enter.

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4 years ago

MyTouch 4G case review: BodyGlove snap-on case


myTouch 4G Body Glove snap-on case

The Body Glove Snap-on Case for the HTC myTouch 4G follows in the tradition of the other Body Glove snap-on cases. You've got a two-part hard case covered in a textured rubber. The two parts snap together, thus the name.

There are cutouts for the camera, camera button, volume rocker, power button and 3.5mm headphone jack, plus the microUSB port.

Putting the case on your phone is simple. You lay the phone in the larger, back half of the case, then snap on the front ring. It might take a little bit of tweaking, but once it's on, it's on. The inside of the case is lined in a soft felt as to not scratch the plastic.

The case comes with a rotatable belt-clip preinstalled, but you can swap it out with a little insert, giving the case a flat back. Fun fact: the belt clip folds out and turns the case into a handy tripod.

More pics are after the break. The Body Glove Snap-on Case for the myTouch 4G is available in the Android Central Store for $24.95.

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4 years ago

Xperia Play gets the what-for: Is heavy on Xperia, light on the Play


Xperia Play previewed

Whoopsie. You know that Sony Ericsson Xperia Play/Playstation Phone/PSP Phone thingy everyone's expecting to see at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks? Well, there it is, in the hot little hands of Engadget for a full preview treatment.

The long and short of it is it looks like a (pretty sexy) Xperia device, with Playstation-type controls tucked into a horizontal slider. No great surprise there. The screen reportedly is pretty impressive, though Timescape running on a 1GHz processor was not. (Again, no great surprise there.)

Details also are light on how gaming will come into play, so we have that to look forward to on Feb. 13. Check out the preview video after the break, and hit up the source for the whole shebang. [Engadget]

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4 years ago

Android apps may theoretically find their way onto the BlackBerry Playbook


Android on the BlackBerry Playbook?

A long time ago, in a podcast far, far away, CrackBerry's own Kevin Michaluk talked about the BlackBerry PlayBook (then only rumor) and how with its new QNX-based operating system, it could theoretically run Android applications via the Dalvik Virtual Machine. We say theoretically because it's not like PlayBook users will be running to the Android Market or anything out of the box -- it'd take RIM's blessing or some hackery to get the job done.

But it's looking more like that could be the case, with BGR reporting that "RIM is very much considering the Dalvik Virtual Machine." Long story short -- if they do so, we could well see Android apps hacked onto it in short order.

There still are a lot of ifs involved. But we've been fairly impressed with the PlayBook (never mind its lack of notifications and messaging clients), and running any Android app on it would be quite the feat. [BGR via CrackBerry]

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