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Black Friday looks to be full of free Android phones at Best Buy, including the Samsung Stratosphere in white.  While a store offering "free" phones after you sign a two-year contract is nothing new, this years selection at Best Buy looks like some great hardware if you're not the kind who has to have the latest new and shiny Android phone.  Sprint customers can get a EVO Shift 4G free with their contract, Verizon customers can choose from a Droid Incredible 2 or a Samsung Stratosphere (both in white or black), and AT&T subscribers can choose from a Thrill 4G, an Atrix 2, or (if your a masochist) the BlackBerry Torch 9810.

Of course free is never really free, and if you're signing up for a new two year agreement you're certainly spending quite the chunk of cash.  But phones like these might prove to be a better choice that some of the entry-level Android handsets, and that white Stratosphere looks hawt.

Thanks, Shawheim!


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Best Buy's Black Friday sale has Samsung Stratosphere in white (and others), free with contract


The real Black Friday deal at Best Buy is the Asus Transformer for $250 and the keyboard for $100. If you don't have to have the Prime, that is one hell of a pick up. I'm getting one, maybe even 2 if I can.

Thanks Best Buy... I was really hoping for a
suck-ass Black Friday and you have made my dreams come true. A free Evo Shift? That's not a deal that's a two year trap.

The Stratosphere is available for *FREE* with a 2yr contract @ Radio Shack, so Best Buy isn't such a "best buy".

Frak best buy. I was hoping for free evos last year when they had their free phone Fridays last year. Instead they had the intercept and a bunch of blackberrys.