I've spent years testing kids gadgets, and these are the best on Prime Day

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids tablet and imoo Kids Smartwatch
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With my two young boys, I am never without something to do. But, of course, they seem to find plenty of moments to say they are bored — even with the 5 acres of country property to explore. I am constantly looking for ways to keep them learning, having fun, and safe with the devices I test. So, to help parents in a similar situation, I have found some of the best Prime Day deals on kid's tech that you can still take advantage of.

While there are a lot of great smartphones for kids, with some of the best being from smaller brands you haven't heard of, not all kids are ready for a phone. That's where a smartwatch designed specifically for kids comes in — and Amazon has some good deals on mine and my kids' favorites.

TickTalk 4

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The TickTalk 4 sits atop our list of best smartwatches for kids for various reasons. Even after the review, my oldest son has continued to go back to it. The dual-camera setup makes it easy to use the video calling feature and to take pictures of his adventures. He also loves the free iHeart Radio Family streaming. But I like the companion app's parental controls, safety features, and options for messaging and voice calls.

TickTalk 4$199.99

TickTalk 4 | $199.99 $159.99

This watch offers GPS location tracking, video calling, messaging, free kids music streaming, and so much more all in a super durable case.

Spacetalk Adventurer kids smartwatch

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If your child isn't ready for a smartwatch with as many features, check out the Spacetalk Adventurer for an option with a more mature look but not quite as many features. Don't get me wrong, during the review with my younger son — we found a lot of things to like about this watch. It has amazing build quality, a great-looking display, and a great companion app tying it all together.

Spacetalk Adventurer $229.99

Spacetalk Adventurer | $229.99 $189.99

A great looking smartwatch for kids with fun features along with solid parental controls so parents can have peace of mind.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro, HD 8 Kids, & 7 Kids

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Of course, it's hard to go wrong with any of the excellent Amazon kids devices. Almost all of these devices are on sale right now, with $80 off the super capable Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro and the Fire 7 Kids Pro all the way down to $50! Don't forget the fun and cute Amazon Echo Dot Kids for only $25 or the Echo Show 5 Kids for $40

All of these products take advantage of the fantastic Amazon Kids+ software to ensure your child is accessing age-appropriate content, and you get a full suite of parental controls.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro$199.99

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro | $199.99 $119.99

Powerful enough for grown-ups but thanks to Amazon Kids+ it is the perfect tablet for the kid that needs from their device than to simply watch movies.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids$59.99

Amazon Echo Dot Kids | $59.99 $24.99

This adorable smart speaker takes the power of Alexa and makes it kid-friendly. With Amazon Kids+ in tow, it'll offer age-appropriate responses, play fun games, and keep kids entertained for hours.

BuddyPhones kids Headphones

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Does your kid already have a tablet, phone, or smartwatch, and you want to get some kind of accessory to go with them? I suggest taking a look at some of the best kids headphones. Aside from having fun colors and patterns and offering a size designed for smaller heads, they also have volume-limiting technology to keep little ears safe.

My kids love the ONANOFF Buddyphones, and Amazon has the latest versions on sale. When my kids and I reviewed these headphones, we were surprised not only by the features each option offered but also by the comfort and sound quality. The Cosmos+ were so comfy I almost kept them for myself.

ONANOFF Buddyphones Cosmos$99.99

ONANOFF Buddyphones Cosmos | $99.99 $69.99

These super comfortable headphones offer excellent sound quality, ANC, wired and wireless connectivity, adjustable max volume settings, and more, in five color choices.

Still a tech product, but just barely, is this Orsen LCD drawing tablet for a mind-blowing $9.50. My kids love these tablets. It's great because they can draw, write, play games like tic-tac-toe, and more on them without any internet. When they are ready to clear the screen, all they have to do is press the button, and it's gone. Pro-tip for parents, there is a lock switch on the back to disable the button to save tears after an accidental press in the middle of their masterpiece.

Orsen color kids drawing tablet$18.99

Orsen color kids drawing tablet | $18.99 $9.50

This drawing tablet is perfect for letting kid's imagination run wild with creativity. All with out making a mess or using up paper.

While kids can both be very easy to get a gift for and extremely difficult at the same time, perhaps the hardest part is saving money on those gifts. My kids have loved using all of these things, and I hope your child will too. Don't forget to check out our Prime Day live blog so you can save some money and get yourself something too.

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