Rawr! Save $35 on the super-cute Amazon Echo Dot Kids this Prime Day

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition (4th Gen)
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Prime Day is in full effect, which means massive Prime Day deals on all Amazon devices, including things for kids. Amazon Echo smart speakers are extremely popular for various reasons, but sometimes kids need to have products specifically tailored to them. That’s why now is the perfect time to jump on this Amazon Echo Dot Kids deal for only $25 before it’s gone.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids (4th Gen): $60$25 at Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot Kids (4th Gen): $60 $25 at Amazon

This cute smart speaker lets your child stay inquisitive and ask Alexa all the questions they think up. Because it is packed with Amazon Kids+, the answers and everything else that the Echo Dot Kids offers will be kid-safe. You'll have full control over the device too! Win-Win

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids brings all of the helpful and fun features adults enjoy on the standard version but adds an extra layer of kid-specific content, all wrapped up in a cute tiger or panda design. The special sauce for Amazon’s kid products is in the software, called Amazon Kids+.

Amazon Kids+ enables thousands of books, games, songs, and more for kids to experience from their very own smart speaker. But it’s not all about what kids can do; it’s also about what they can’t. For all of the fun kids can have with their Amazon Kids+-enabled devices, none of that matters if it isn’t safe for them to use. That is where the parental controls come in.

There are other great ways for your child to enjoy all the content that comes with Amazon Kids+ aside from using their Echo Dot Kids. Like with one of the excellent Amazon Fire Kids tablets that are getting great deals too. But if you are in the market for a low-cost way to get your child a fun, smart speaker that will also be safe for them to use — the Echo Dot Kids is the way to go.

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