If you've been looking to upgrade your TV this Holiday season, look no further than these amazing LG OLED Black Friday deals. LG OLED TVs are consistently ranked as the best consumer-grade TVs on the market for a number of reasons, and Best Buy's early Black Friday deals make them easier than ever to justify. Every single LG OLED TV model is on sale right now, from the most-affordable 55-inch BX series, which is $200 off right now, to the massive 77-inch premium GX series, which is $900 off.

Lg Oled65cxpua 2020 4k Tv


An LG OLED TV delivers the absolute best picture you'll find on any TV. With built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you'll be able to quickly search for your favorite shows and movies, and LG's WebOS turns your everyday TV-viewing experience into a truly beautiful one.

LG's 2020 OLED TVs pack in the best picture and the fastest processors of any LG OLED TV to date. Like previous-generations, all LG OLED TVs feature the same amazing picture quality and base features, leaving you to simply choose the style and size that best fits your home. Whether that's an LG OLED BX, CX, or GX, each model comes in 55-inch or 65-inch sizes, while the GX also sports a 77-inch size for larger living rooms.

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LG OLED 65-inchSource: LG

What makes an OLED TV so good? Simply put, it's the pixels. Most TVs utilize a backlight behind the pixels to provide light, which ends up dulling colors and turning blacks into grays. OLED TVs have self-lit pixels, meaning each and every one of the 8.3 million pixels on screen is its own light. That keeps colors rich, black levels deep, and gives them a unique infinite contrast ratio. That's because when one pixel is lit, it won't affect the dim or unlit pixel next to it, giving the entire scene a more realistic look.

New to the 2020 LG OLED models is the ability to run in true 4K at a 120Hz refresh rate. That's perfect if you're in the market for a next-generation gaming console, like the PS5 or Xbox Series X, which are built for 4K and 120Hz gaming.

On top of that, all of these TVs support the amazing Dolby Vision HDR standard, as well as a handful of other HDR standards for maximum viewing compatibility. That means no matter what type of HDR technology is being used on the show you're watching, you can rest assured knowing that your LG OLED will automatically switch to the best possible picture mode.

Lg Oled Tv Halo InfiniteSource: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

PC gamers will love that these LG OLED TVs support both NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync technology, giving you the best resolution and framerate no matter which video card you choose. Dolby Atmos support is also baked in, as well as support for Bluetooth surround sound systems, making these TVs some of the most versatile additions to your home theater experience.

Last but not least is LG's latest version of WebOS, which packs in instant voice search powered by LG ThinQ AI. On top of that, LG packs both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa inside, letting you choose which assistant works best in your smart home.

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