How's your Black Friday shopping coming? Sure, it may be a few days early, but tons of deals are already live at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, and you could actually check a lot off your holiday shopping list right now. A variety of Chromebooks are now on sale at Best Buy with prices starting as low as $89, which could be the perfect buy for someone in your family who wants to accomplish the basics of computing without paying hundreds of dollars to do so. Many of these models also feature access to the Google Play store allowing you to download and use a myriad of apps and games as if your Chromebook were an Android phone or tablet.

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Chromebook Black Friday Discounts

With prices starting as low as $89, this is one of the year's most affordable ways to get your hands on a Chromebook from manufacturers like Samsung, Lenovo, and HP. Some options are now as much as $250 off while supplies last!

Starting at $89

Instead of Windows or a Mac operating system, Chromebooks run the Chrome OS which is more streamlined and easy for users of all ages to navigate. Chromebooks aren't designed for resource-heavy tasks or using a lot of apps at once; they're best used to focus on one or two things at once, whether that's surfing the web and listening to music, writing an essay with Google Docs, sending emails, watching Netflix or Disney+, or other similarly low-key tasks.

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Most Chromebooks have a small storage capacity of 16 to 64GB, though you'll also usually have a microSD slot integrated which lets you add something like this 128GB microSD card for $18 so you can save what you need without paying for an entire portable hard drive. That's especially important because most Chromebooks won't have ports to plug in devices like a portable hard drive either, so you'd also need a USB-C hub in many cases to connect some devices.

Best Buy's sale covers Chromebooks from manufacturers like Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Dell, and ASUS, giving you a good mix of styles and price points to choose from. Make sure to view the full sale sooner rather than later so you can shop before anything sells out.

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