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Cyber Monday is officially here. Though it may have felt like it had already started over the weekend with many Black Friday deals lingering and a number of early Cyber Monday deals kicking off, the online event actually started this morning. Since the early hours, the deals have been coming thick and fast meaning you don't have to look very far to find a great deal, but are you finding the best deal?

Some Cyber Monday prices may beat what Black Friday had to offer, others will match it, and some of them may be a bit worse making you wish you pulled the tricker 48 hours ago. Unfortunately, time machines are not on sale this year, but we're doing our utmost to surface all of the absolutely killer deals Cyber Monday has to offer so you can still make a thrifty purchase and feel good about yourself.

Take a look below at this year's best deals. With over a hundred listed, you'll certainly find something that meets your needs or you forgot you were even looking for. The deals up top have been highlighted as must-haves, then down below there is a constantly updating list of the best the day has to offer. We check every deal, historic pricing and previous offers, to ensure that you're actually getting a good price rather than falling foul of overinflated MSRPs. That way you save time and money.

The Best Cyber Monday Deals Available

  • Google Nest Wi-Fi ($249 at Amazon)
  • Disney+ 1-Year Subscription ($59.99 at Disney+)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 (From $698.99 at Amazon)
  • Apple MacBook Air ($649.99 at Amazon)
  • Roku Ultra ($49 at Amazon)
  • Instant Pot DUO80 ($64.99 at Amazon)
  • PC Gaming Accessories (Up to 20% off at Amazon)
  • Ecovacs Deebot Vacuums (50% off at Amazon)
  • Connected Home Sale (Up to 50% off at Amazon)
  • Amazon Kindle Unlimited (Free at Amazon)

Cyber Monday Deals

Wi-Fi blanket

The Google Nest Wifi router 2-pack is down to $259 on Amazon. That's $40 off the router's usual price and one of the best deals we've ever seen for Google's mesh networking system. An individual router sells for $149, so you're still saving $40 versus buying them by themselves.

Wi-Fi Everywhere

Google Nest Wi-Fi router 2-pack

This is a scalable and flexible mesh networking system that can blanket your whole home in Wi-Fi, eliminating dead zones and making it simple to use. You can add more as you need them. These routers handle up to 200 connected devices.

$239.00 $299.00 $60 off

Binge watch

If you aren't one of the millions of people who already signed up for Disney Plus, you may actually be excited that you waited. The streaming media service has proven to be wildly popular so far, and ahead of the official launch Disney offered a few discounts, but nothing since the service actually launched. Cyber Monday changes that, and brings the first major discount (bundle pricing aside) to the service. For a limited time only, you can sign up and prepay for one year and get it for just $59.99.

An amazing offer


It's time to start binge-watching all of the new originals, classic TV series, and movies on Disney+. You could pay for the service monthly, which would cost you $84 a year, or pay $60 today to get access for a full year. The choice seems simple!

$59.99 $84.00 $24 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals


Cyber Monday is the perfect time to save on the flagship phone you've been eyeing up with big-name brands dropping prices to tempt buyers before the holidays. Samsung is getting in on the fun today with a one-day sale via Amazon offering its top-end devices with some significant savings and also throwing in a pair of AKG noise-cancelling headphones for good measure. All told, you'll be saving over $500 with these deals, but they won't all stay in stock for the full day, so get in there fast.

Bundle and save

Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10 with AKG Headphones

The sale features pretty much every color and capacity of Samsung's flagship devices right now and you can choose between Black or Silver AKG N700NC active noise-cancelling headphones. The sale ends today or when sold out.

From $699

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Oldie but a goodie

Just when you thought the price of Apple's 2017 MacBook Air couldn't get any lower, they only went and lowered it again! The Mid-2017 13-inch model features 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. While it isn't for those seeking the latest and greatest, it is perfectly serviceable for the majority of people and one of the most affordable ways to get into the Mac ecosystem at this new low price.

Mac on a budget

Apple MacBook Air (2017)

Today's sale makes this 13-inch MacBook Air pretty affordable. It offers 8GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, and more, so be sure to check one out today.

$649.99 $999.00 $349 off

Half off

Roku just announced improvements to its lineup in mid-September but its newest crop of devices haven't avoided the Cyber Monday price knife. In fact, the top-of-the-line Roku Ultra just had its price cut by 50% at Amazon. Now down to just $49, it's just a dollar more than it went last week in a pre-Black Friday sale before it promptly sold out. It's way lower than any discount before that and we likely won't see a price like this for some time after today.

Sweet streams

Roku Ultra 4K streaming media player

The Ultra is Roku's best device with the fastest processor and this is its best price ever. It has a fast channel launch, a lost remote finder, enhanced voice search, and more. It comes with JBL Premium headphones for private listening too.

$49.00 $99.00 $50 off

Feed the family

It's just not Cyber Monday without a great Instant Pot deal. Lucky for you it is Cyber Monday so you have a chance to outfit your kitchen with the Instant Pot Duo80 7-in-1 electric pressure cooker while it's on sale for $65. While this deal expired over the weekend, it is the same price we saw on Black Friday. The Instant Pot normally sells for around $100 and until now has never dropped this low.

Instant Pot DUO80 8-quart multicooker

This price drop brings it to a new all-time low, but it will only stick around for today. This version of the Instant Pot has a large capacity, multiple cooking functions, and more. If you don't have one already, change that today!

$64.99 $139.95 $75 off

Upgrade your rig

Gaming PCs are never finished. You might have built it and set up the lighting, but you know you need a new monitor or some more RGB or a new mouse. There's always room to improve. Today for Cyber Monday you can take up 20% off a selection of PC gaming gear on Amazon that covers all the above and more. All of these accessories and things are down to super low prices, some the lowest prices ever. It's not just about improving your PC, either. You can find gaming laptops on sale and some gear for improving your network so the internet is never an issue while playing.


PC Gaming Accessories

This one-day sale has a variety of different accessories, including keyboards, RAM, headsets, Wi-Fi extenders, monitor mounts, and more. Be sure to check out all the great options now.

Save up to 20%


It's Cyber Monday, and that means Amazon has a new round of daily deals live right now! One of those deals applies to a pair of Ecovacs Deebot robot vacuum cleaners on sale with 50% off. Thes crazy low prices are the best we've ever seen but they expire at the end of the day or when sold out.

Vac it up, vac it in

Ecovacs Deebot 661 and Ozmo 920

Both options in the sale offer automated cleaning of your hardwood floors or carpets including vacuuming and mopping with app and voice control. The Ozmo 920 even maps out your home so you can pick exactly where to clean. These are best-ever prices.

50% off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

No more dumb home

We have seen lots of different deals on smart home gear over the past week or two, but nothing quite as extensive as this one-day Cyber Monday sale that's taking place at Amazon right now. Whether you are just looking to get started with building the smart home of your dreams, or you want to expand on the smartness of your existing setup, this is a deal you can't miss. Popular products from brands like Yale, Netgear, Nixplay, TP-Link, and more are on sale by up to 50% for today only.

Smarten up

Connected Home Sale

This Cyber Monday sale has just about everything you need to make your home the smartest one on the block. From ceiling fans to plugs, photo frames, and more, you won't want to miss this.

Up to 50% off

No better price than free

Alongside its plethora of device discounts, Amazon is known for running exceptional offers on its subscription services as well. Right now, you can snag three months of Kindle Unlimited for free. That's right, it costs you nothing, zero, zilch, to gain access to millions of books, unlimited audiobooks, current magazines, and more.

You don't even need a Kindle to read everything on, either. It works with your phone, PC, tablet, and more. Be sure to give it a shot today, but remember to cancel before the three months is up if you don't want to end up paying for it after. Or keep it, because it's great value at full price anyway.


Free 3-Month Kindle Unlimited Membership

Amazon is letting new subscribers of Kindle Unlimited try the service out completely free for three months! You'll gain access to over 1 million titles to read whenever you want, wherever you want. You don't need a Kindle to start reading, either.

$0.00 $29.97 $30 off

All of Cyber Monday's best deals

There are hundreds of great deals already flowing, with potential savings in the thousands here. We are constantly updating the list below with the latest and greatest offers so be sure to check them out now.

Newest Cyber Monday Deals

If you are just looking to see the latest deals available, we have you covered. Here are 25 new deals that will be constantly-updating throughout the day, so check back often.

Amazon Device Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday is always a big time for discounts on Amazon's own hardware, and this is usually the time of the year we see some of the best pricing ever. Cyber Monday deals follow right behind, as well. Whether you're looking for an Echo speaker or Ring Video Doorbell, here are the best Amazon device deals to consider today.

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4K & Smart TV Cyber Monday Deals

A lot of consideration normally goes into a TV purchase, but sometimes when you see a good deal you just have to have it, right? There are tons and tons of Black Friday TV deals to be had and plenty more on Cyber Monday, but not all are equal. Unfortunately, this holiday season brings with it some unique models that aren't available at other times of the year, and some other things which make it very hard to guage just how good of a deal you are actually getting. We've been following the trends this year, and here are some great options that you should consider purchasing.

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Unlocked Smartphone Cyber Monday Deals

Upgrading to a new phone does not have to break the bank. If you want to avoid going through your carrier for a new phone, here are some great options that are rather heavily discounted going into Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Gaming Cyber Monday Deals (Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation)

It doesn't matter which gaming platform you prefer, or who you are buying something for, just know that you shouldn't pay full price during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are so many deals out there for all the key platforms, including the All-Digital Xbox One S, PlayStation 4 pro, and even on Nintendo's newest Switch hardware.

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Smart Home Cyber Monday Deals

Having smart home gadgets doesn't mean you're lazy, does it? There are so many different smart home accessories on the market these days that odds are you want to try a bunch of them. One problem with this technology now is that a lot of it is very expensive still, and the cheaper options just don't work as well. Use these Cyber Monday discounts to score the better options for less!

All Smart Home Deals

Home Improvement / DIY Cyber Monday Deals

Whether you need to do some repairs around the house or you just want to buy some things that you may never use, here's the list for you! From tools and repair kits to some smart home gear that could improve your quality of life at home, these are the deals you can't miss out on.

All Home Improvement / DIY Deals

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