If you are looking for a great SD card for your Raspberry Pi, your search has ended. This SanDisk Extreme 128GB card has plenty of room to hold the operating system, any project files you might be working on and even some movies or music if you're setting things up for entertainment.

Oodles of storage

SanDisk Extreme 128GB micro SD card

Fast storage and a lifetime guarantee

You don't need a ton of space for a Raspberry Pi, but it sure helps when you want to keep adding more and more stuff. With this fast card from SanDisk you'll have plenty of room for plenty of that stuff.

Sd cards have a lot of uses, but one of the toughest is when you're using one to run an operating system. That's exactly how things work with a Raspberry Pi — you load the OS plus any documents or media onto a card and the Pi reads and writes from it on the fly to make everything work.

That means you'll need a good card that is fast and built for long life. That's exactly what this card from SanDisk offers. The UHS Class 3 speeds (up to 160MB read and 90 MB write per second) is great for putting crucial data on the card and reading it back when needed, and the Application Class 2 certification means it's designed to do it for a long time compared to older cards that don't have the extra read cycle life that an A2 rating gives.

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You will need to reformat the card so that it works with the Raspberry Pi, but that's pretty easy to do from any computer or even a phone with an SD card slot.

In the end, you have a card that's big enough to last forever when it comes to storage needs and is tough enough to not die after just a year or two of hard work. That plus the Black Friday price makes this a must-have.

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