My bio may say "If you see me without headphones, RUN," but Bluetooth speakers are even more important to my lifestyle. After my alarm goes off, it's my Bluetooth speaker's job to wake me up with music while I'm in the shower and then I carry that speaker from the bathroom to the bedroom as I get dressed and then to the living room while I get breakfast ready. Bluetooth speakers let me bring my tunes everywhere and they're easy as pie to keep around, which is why they make great gifts.

If you need a new speaker for yourself or someone in your life who could use a little stress relief, Walmart has two Black Friday Sony speaker deals that you should drop the beat with, starting with a Sony EXTRA BASS speaker with USB-C, which is an important upgrade that is 110% worth paying for.

Type-C for Cool

Sony SRS-XB23 EXTRA BASS Bluetooth Speaker | $42 off at Walmart

Get extra big sound for an extra small price

This IP67 Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, so you can throw it in the pool or drop it off the balcony and it'll probably take it all in stride. This speaker uses USB-C to charge, which makes it automatically better than 70% of the speakers getting Black Friday sales.

The speaker in my bedroom that I wake up to in the morning is a Sony EXTRA BASS — the super-sized XB501G with Google Assistant built-in — but the tallboy-sized XB23 is loud enough to easily fill a room and is easy to pair two speakers together for stereo sound. It has USB-C for charging it, though with 12-hour battery life you probably won't need to charge it that often. The controls are easy to use on the back — no odd dials or knobs like some other cylindrical speakers — and Sony knows how to get great sound out of a small footprint.

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The shockproofing and waterproofing here are also important, because I have dropped speakers in the bathtub, or had them slip out of my hand and fall on the bathroom tile. We've also thrown speakers four stories into pools before, and it is just so freeing to have a speaker that you don't have to treat like candy glass. It'll take bumps and bangs in stride, and that means that you can enjoy it freely for a long time to come.

Another Sony speaker getting a great price cut is the positively tiny XB01, which doesn't have USB-C for charging but is ridiculously small while still have six hours of playback time before you need to dig out a micro-USB cable. The colors here are a bit more fun, too, like this vivid two-tone blue number.

Super small speaker

Sony SRS-XB01 Bluetooth Speaker | 24% off at Walmart

This Bluetooth speaker is easy to pocket or just clip onto your bag like a keychain and carry with you everywhere, and even with that crazy compact form factor, it still has 6 hours of battery life on a single charge.

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