Black Friday deals are bringing incredible discounts to even the latest and most expensive phones. But when you're looking to save money on a new phone, you may be inclined to look at previous-generation devices as well. So when the Galaxy S10 line seems too rich for your wallet, you may take a look at the Galaxy S9 for only $599.

That's hundreds off of its original price, while offering the same core experience as the Galaxy S10 lineup and a regular capacitive fingerprint sensor rather the slower in-display unit of the newer phones. The Galaxy S9 is still a solid phone in late 2019, especially at this price, and it runs effectively the same software as the Galaxy S10 as well.

Better choice

Samsung Galaxy S10e

A newer phone for the same money.

For a little less than a Galaxy S9, you can get an S10e with newer specs and no loss in features. Plus, a wide-angle camera and longer software update future.

But don't get too far down the road of thinking this is a great buy. The biggest thing hurting the Galaxy S9's value is the relative prices of other Samsung phones around Black Friday. The Galaxy S10 is on sale for only $700, including a pair of Galaxy Buds wireless headphones (which retail for $120 themselves). If you don't care about the headphones, B&H has an international version of the Galaxy S10+ for only $680.

Upgrade pick

Samsung Galaxy S10

A little more money goes a long way.

The S10 is a bigger and more capable phone, and with current discounts and free Galaxy Buds thrown in it's a great value for only $100 more than the Galaxy S9.

If your budget really is maxed out by the on-sale Galaxy S9, there's still a strong argument for going with a newer generation device when you can get a Galaxy S10e for only $550. The S10e has the same screen size as the S9, and though it doesn't have the striking curved screen it does still have a standard capacitive fingerprint sensor. You're also getting a newer processor, more RAM (6GB), double the storage (128GB), and an ultra-wide rear camera all while retaining the same overall hardware experience in terms of features and capabilities. Plus, you get slightly better battery life and putting you on a longer runway for future software updates.

When the Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 are at these Black Friday prices, there's no reason to buy the last-generation Galaxy S9. Don't settle for the old phone when there's a newer model out there.

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