The Raspberry Pi 4 is one of my favorite things. I've got several of them sitting here doing anything from powering a full touchscreen tablet to controlling the lights on my aquariums. I'm even getting ready to fire up our Christmas lights which are controlled by — you guessed it — a Raspberry Pi. There isn't much these amazing little computers can't do.

The very best time for you to delve into the world of Raspberry Pi is, and has always been, Black Friday. This year is no different and LABISTS has some awesome kits to get you started no matter what you want to do.

Ready to run

Labists Pi Kit Render

LABISTS Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter Kit

This kit is 100% plug and play

Everything you need to get a Raspberry Pi 4 up and running is in this kit from LABISTS. You'll find a case with a fan, power supply, heat sinks, and even mini HDMI cables in the box! All that's left for you is to attach a keyboard and mouse then plug it into your TV or monitor.

This starter kit from LABISTS is a great way to get started and a really good deal. It comes with the Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB model), a pre-loaded microSD card, cables, and an active cooling setup using heat sinks, a fan, and a properly ventilated case. Even the power supply is included!

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After assembling the kit, all you need to do is connect it to some sort of display and attach peripherals like a keyboard and mouse. As soon as you power it up you're ready to go and presented with a real Linux desktop that you can install apps and games or even an emulator to play those old NES games we all love.

You can buy all these parts separately, but you'll spend more money that way. Maybe the best thing about this particular kit is that it has exactly what you need without any costly extras that you don't need.

If you want to do some tinkering and play with electronics (it's so much fun, really) LABISTS has you covered there, too.

The ultimate Pi project kit

Labists Project Kit

LABISTS Electronic Project Starter Kit

More than blinking lights

This is one of the best electronics starter kits for the Raspberry Pi that you'll find. Forget the packages of LEDs; this kit comes with stepper motors, a gas sensor, key switches, and all sorts of real parts that are used in smart devices and automation. At this price, it's a crazy good deal.

This starter kit makes me say wow! Usually, a starter kit for the Raspberry Pi consists of some leads, a breadboard, and a handful of LEDs and resistors for you to learn the basics of electronic circuits and programming. There's nothing wrong with that because, if you can program a LED to blink on command, you also have a good grasp of how to fire a servo on command.

It's rare that you see a kit that skips the LEDs and includes the actual parts, though. Speaking of parts, you'll find all sorts of cool components and sample code that teaches you how to program them in C, Java, or Python. It's also a great value, and if you know how expensive parts like this can be, you understand where I'm coming from. Forget thinking of how much you can save — it's hard to source these parts built in a way to prototype with.

Whether you want to build a tiny and inexpensive desktop PC, build you own smart smoke alarm, or design the next R2D2, these kits from LABISTS are the perfect way to get started.

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