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What you need to know

  • Amazon customers who bought a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday were in for a rude surprise this week.
  • Instead of their console, some customers report receiving an assortment of items, such as condoms, batteries, and books.
  • A tambourine also made the cut.

It's Black Friday and you just splurged on a Nintendo Switch on Amazon. Well, unfortunately for you, the condom Amazon sent instead doesn't really let you beat up Mario. In a comically tragic story, Amazon is apologizing for sending would-be Switch owners books, batteries, condoms, and microphones, among other random items, instead.

As The Mirror reports, one woman, who received a David Williams novel instead of a Switch, reported the following: "I want my money refunded. You have delivered and refused to take back (the) parcel which was smashed."

Sophie Hamilton from Surrey lamented her daughter's disappointment and bafflement as to where the Nintendo Switch she saved up for with her birthday and pocket money went. On the bright side, the miscellany of items Amazon has been sending to customers — which also included David Williams' 'The Beast of Buckingham Palace', a laptop fan cooler, AA Duracell batteries, washing powder, a ream of paper, a facial hair trimmer, a bedsheet, dog food, washing-up liquid, air freshener, a shaver, an electric toothbrush, photopolymer resin, and Legos — should be all her daughter needs to craft a reenactment of Home Alone. And just in time for the holidays. The Wet Bandits better look out for Sophie Jr.

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Amazon reps have spent the day apologizing to the aggrieved customers and promised to find out what caused the glaring blunder. The retail giant will also issue full refunds to customers, though unfortunately, they will need to pay full retail price for buying the Switch again, instead of the discounted Black Friday price. Paul Addicott expressed his frustrations as follows: "We got the Nintendo Switch and Mario for £299 but now we have to pay full price. Very pd off about it." And rightly so, Paul, rightly so.

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