Want cheap wireless? Visible is seriously discounting their plans for the month of March

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Visible deals are certainly not a rarity, but the Verizon-owned wireless carrier just launched a pretty interesting promo, the likes of which we haven't seen in quite some time. For the entire month of March, Visible wireless is slashing prices on both of their popular wireless plans, knocking the price of their Basic plan to just $25 per month (down from $30 per month) and their Visible Plus plan to a mere $35 per month (from $45 per month).

It's no secret that Visible is one of our all-time favorite wireless carriers, and for good reason. Both of the plans above come with unlimited talk, text, and data, plus 5G and 4G LTE access, an unlimited mobile hotspot, and unlimited talk and text in Mexico and Canada. The slightly more-expensive Visible Plus plan has some added goodies, such as premium network data, international calling to over 30 countries, and texting to over 200 countries. It's also worth noting that, although they aren't technically an MVNO carrier, Visible has all of the benefits of prepaid, such as no contract or hidden fees whatsoever. That means you can try out the service for a month and cancel without any penalties. 

Visible drops prices all month long

Visible Basic:$30/month$25/month (Offer ends 3/31)

Visible Basic: $30/month $25/month (Offer ends 3/31)

Visible's Basic plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data, 5G/4G LTE access, an unlimited mobile hotspot with speeds up to 5Mbps, and unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada. Plus there's no activation fee and no contract to worry about. All of that plus Verizon's massive network for 25 bucks per month? Count us in.

Visible Plus: $45/month$35/month (Offer ends 3/31)

Visible Plus: $45/month $35/month (Offer ends 3/31)

The Visible Plus plan comes with everything that Basic offers, alongside 5G Ultra Wideband from Verizon (where it's available), 50GB of premium network data every month, international calling to over 30 countries, and international texting to over 200 countries worldwide. 

New members and existing users who are willing to upgrade to Visible Plus are eligible to receive the savings for as long as they keep their plan. Visible is wholly owned by Verizon and uses that giant carrier's network to provide great coverage at a much lower cost. Most of the best Android phones are compatible with Visible, and even when this month's promotion wraps up, there are always plenty of great Visible deals to explore. Suffice to say, there's never any reason you should be paying an arm and a leg for wireless service nowadays, especially when a carrier like Visible is around. 

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