This Black Friday Pixel Fold deal folds the price in half

A Google Pixel Fold with red lights in the background
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Everyone knows foldable phones are too expensive, so what if I told you this Google Pixel Fold Black Friday deal made the phone half-price right now? Here's why you'll be glad you waited to buy a Pixel Fold during Black Friday.

If you buy the phone at AT&T, the Pixel Fold costs just $25 per month, making it a total of $900 after 36 months. All you'll need to do is ensure you're using a qualifying unlimited plan (see the site or chat with AT&T customer service for details) and you'll be set. You don't even have to add a new line like most of these carrier deals require!

That's a mind-blowing discount on a phone that normally costs $1,799 at full price and it makes it the cheapest we've seen Google's first foldable phone since it launched in June.

But, if you'd rather buy it outright, I completely understand! Thankfully, Amazon has a $400 off deal that slashes the phone down to $1,399, making it a lot more palatable than spending the next 3 years paying the phone off.

Google Pixel Fold 256GB: $52.23$25 per month at AT&T

Google Pixel Fold 256GB: $52.23 $25 per month at AT&T

Google's first foldable phone delivers elegant hardware, the best camera on a foldable, and now a great price thanks to this half-off early Black Friday sale. All you need to do is make sure you have a qualifying unlimited data plan to be eligible for the deal. 

Price comparison: $1,799 $1,399 at Amazon

But there's no denying just how good that AT&T deal is, especially if you already planned on using AT&T as your mobile carrier of choice. Most carriers, like Verizon, make you pay for a brand-new phone line in order to get these deals but AT&T doesn't have those restrictions.

You don't need to trade anything in or be a new customer, either. Even existing customers can get in on this deal! Just pair it with any qualifying unlimited data plan and you'll have the Pixel Fold for a ridiculously low price.

The Google Pixel Fold is my personal favorite foldable of the year, as I generally prefer the Pixel experience for its award-winning camera. The Pixel Fold's camera is somewhere between the Pixel 7a and Pixel 7 Pro's camera quality, offering up stellar quality that's better than most other foldable.

I compared the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 vs Google Pixel Fold's camera if you want to see for yourself!

Outside of that, you're getting years of guaranteed updates straight from Google and can even participate in the Android beta program so you can get the latest version of Android before it's officially released. If you love living on the cutting edge, this is the foldable for you.

Now, I won't sugarcoat the performance of the phone, especially when it comes to gaming. Sure, the Pixel Fold's hardware is elegant and Google did an amazing job ensuring tablet apps work beautifully on the enormous inner display, but the Tensor G2 processor inside isn't as good at playing mobile games as the OnePlus Open, for instance.

But, if you're just looking for a great way to carry both a phone and a tablet in one pocket — plus, get the best camera on any foldable phone — this is one Black Friday deal you can't pass up!

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