Sometimes a purchase on Black Friday does not need to be the fanciest 4K TV on the market or a life-altering change. Sometimes it's just something you buy for the sheer convenience of it. That's what I think when I see the onn. wireless charging lamp on sale for $14. This sale is part of Walmart's most recent Black Friday sale. Walmart has promised three different events and we're right in the middle of the second one, which starts at 7 p.m. on Nov. 11. The deal takes $6 off the price of the lamp and brings it down to an impulse-buy level price.

Onn Lamp

Onn. wireless charging lamp | $6 off

This deal goes live at 7 p.m. Eastern on Nov. 11. It's one of several new deals at Walmart as part of its early Black Friday sale. Get ready for savings on a ton of gear even before the big Black Friday sale later this month.

Onn. is a Walmart brand and you won't find these lamps or other Onn. products sold anywhere else. The Wireless Charging Lamp includes a 180-degree adjustable lamp. That means you can set it up like a regular nightstand lamp or turn it to find a better angle while you work or read from bed.

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The lamp is compact and travel friendly, too, so you can take it with you. That's especially great if you're planning to stay in unknown places like a hotel or something where you need to be able to control the light in the room.

This is a Qi-certified wireless charging pad. You can wirelessly charge any device compatible with Qi and ensure that it's powered up and ready to go when you need it. There's an LED charging indicator on the lamp, too, to let you know the status. Since the lamp is Qi-certified, you know that also means it's tested to ensure it is safe to operate and enerfy efficienct. You don't have to worry about things like over-voltage or over-heating or short circuiting and all your electronics will be safe.

Check out the rest of the ways you can save during the Black Friday sales and keep tabs on Walmart's sale for even more ideas.

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