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There are countless accessories you can get to outfit your phone with. From cases, microSD cards, battery packs, and more, you have more than one way to personalize and customize your handset. Among all of those accessories, though, there's one that stands out as being especially important — car mounts.

iOttie makes some of our favorite car mounts on the planet, and this Black Friday, all of its best ones are heavily discounted. Whether you want something super-affordable or one with Alexa built-in, iOttie has you covered.

iOttie Easy One Touch wireless car charger

Mount up: iOttie Car Mounts | Up to 44% off

If you still don't have a car mount for your phone, Black Friday 2020 is the perfect time to change that. Not only does it make it way more convenient for following directions or changing road trip music, but it's always way safer for doing those things. Be safe, be smart, and take advantage of any of these excellent options from iOttie.

From $17 at Amazon

The idea behind a car mount is pretty simple: it attaches to a part of your car (either the dashboard, air vent, or CD player slot), it holds your phone in place, and that's it. That may not sound very exciting, but in real-world use, having a car mount is fantastic.

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If you've ever tried following Google Maps directions while looking down at your phone in your lap, you know just how awkward and dangerous it can be. With a car mount, your phone is always within view without you having to bend your head down and take your eyes completely off the road.

Some of iOttie's car mounts do nothing but hold your phone in place, but a lot of the ones that are on sale actually charge it while it's mounted — ensuring you never lose battery life on your way to work or on a long road trip. iOttie even has one with built-in Alexa. Seriously!

You'll find savings of up to 44% across iOttie's car mount lineup for Black Friday 2020, so in other words, there's never been a better time to finally mount-up. Whether you're buying for yourself or a loved one, this makes for a perfect gift.

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