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Deezer is offering 50% off its annual subscriptions for Black Friday. This applies to both its Deezer Premium and HiFi plans. You'll be able to grab the former for $59.99 and the latter for $89.99. With most music services being interchangeable in terms of content, it's deals like this and little value adds that drive purchases.

Deezer Premium does what every other premium music service does. It offers ad-free streaming, an endless playlist known as "Flow", curated daily mixes, and support for podcasts.

Deezer HiFi sets itself apart with its support for the lossless FLAC format. You'll get 4 million fewer songs supporting this file format. That's 52 million FLAC tracks out of Deezer's 56 million song large library, but that's still a whole lot of music in high quality. You'll also be able to get Deezer's 360 app for music in 360 Reality Audio format. As reviewed by What Hi-Fi, it's still experiencing growing pains, so you'll mostly want the Hi-Fi plan for the better sounding audio.

More Music for Less

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Deezer | 50% off a year's subscription

Everyone has a music streaming plan nowadays. If you're undecided or just want to try something new, Deezer's offer is a pretty cost-effective way to switch.

Deezer's Thalia Rybar, Marketing Director North and Central America, said:

We want you to enjoy your music and podcasts for a whole year with just one simple payment. Now users have the ability to pre-pay, without needing to worry about monthly installments in the coming year. Our Black Friday promotion also offers outstanding value to music fans. For a fraction of the cost, users can enjoy the best of Premium, including unlimited music and skips, ad-free and offline listening. Also, music aficionados seeking high-definition sound quality can benefit from our biggest deal of the year, 50% off our HiFi subscription

Deezer's Black Friday offer is available in Brazil, Canada, Colombia (Bancolombia only), Egypt, Germany, France, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, The UK, The United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and the USA. If you're in those countries, you'll need to be a free user who hasn't used a promotion or special offer in the past or a paid user who left Deezer by August 27.

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