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What you need to know

  • For a limited time, Discovery Plus annual subscription is available for just ₹99 ($1.3) in India.
  • The streaming service was launched in India last month at an introductory annual subscription price of ₹299 ($4).
  • Discovery will be releasing three COVID-19 documentaries on the platform this week, all of which will be available to stream for free.

Discovery launched its first streaming service, called Discovery Plus, in the Indian market last month. While the service is priced at ₹299 ($4) per annum in the country, Discovery has announced that consumers can get an annual subscription to Disney Plus for just ₹99 ($1.3) till 11:59 PM IST on April 16.

The offer is aimed at attracting subscribers amid the nationwide lockdown, which is expected to come to an end on May 3. To avail the #SaferyExtended offer, you will need to tap the "Premium" section on the Discovery Plus app and pay for your subscription. Once your annual subscription expires, however, subsequent renewals will be charged at ₹299 ($4) per year.

Along with the #SafetyExtended offer, Discovery has also announced that it will be releasing three COVID-19 documentaries this week, which will be available for free on the platform. It has also released a film called "The outdoors can wait" to urge people to stay at home and help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus during the extended lockdown period.

Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is home to a wide range of exclusive content across more than 40 genres in English, as well as seven Indian languages. Additionally, the streaming service also offers hundreds of short-form infotainment videos called "shorts."