While there have been plenty of laptop and desktop deals, truly good tablet deals have been a bit fewer and further between this Black Friday. Luckily, Walmart is here with deep discounts on Samsung's newest flagship tablets: the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Pro. We're not sure how long these deals are going to last, especially considering that they undercut Best Buy and Amazon by $100, but if you've been looking for a new tablet with a brilliantly bright screen to power your in-bed binge-watching this winter, now's the time to buy.

The best Android tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 | $100 off at Walmart

So much more than just another oversized Android

If you're looking to buy an Android tablet in 2020, the Galaxy Tab S7 is the best you can get: you're treated to top-notch specs, loads of features, and a powerful S Pen that's included for free. With DeX, the Tab S7 converts from Android tablet to Android laptop, complete with multi-window support and robust keyboard integration.

Both the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus are on sale, but for the majority of you reading this, the Galaxy Tab S7 is the better value and the better overall buy. Not only does it currently hold the crown on Best Android Tablets, it's the more manageable size to hold in your hand for any significant amount of time. The Tab S7's screen is 11 inches instead of the Tab S7 Plus's 12.4 inches, and it's 100 grams lighter as well, while still having the same processor, memory, and storage configurations.

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Both have the same cameras, same side-mounted fingerprint scanner, same included S Pen, and the same 120Hz refresh rate. The smaller S7 has an LCD rather than an AMOLED screen, and a slightly smaller battery to match the smaller screen, but both have 45W Power Delivery charging and both are quick as a whip.

If you absolutely have to have a Super AMOLED screen for those crisper blacks, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is the model for you, and that's getting a bigger discounts once you get into the 256GB and 512GB configurations, though even $100 off makes a big difference in value for this super-sized tablet.

Supersize it

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

The Galaxy Tab S7+ has virtually the exact same specs and features present on the regular S7 but with a bigger, better AMOLED screen that's ideal for creative work and productivity.

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