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The holiday shopping season can be stressful in non-pandemic times, so if the world is weighing down on your shoulders right now, easy the tension with this Black Friday deal on a percussion massager. Self-care is as important now as ever and easing those sore shoulders, bad backs, and hurting hamstrings can go a long way toward keeping you in the holiday spirit. Quality percussion massagers like this one often run $300-$400 or more, but right now, you can save $70 off of one of the best at Best Buy on a pre-Black Friday sale.

Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device

The best value fitness tracker: Hyperice - Hypervolt Bluetooth Percussion Massage Device | $70 off at Best Buy

If you regularly suffer from aching muscles and tendons, you will certainly benefit from a percussion massager like this one. With multiple attachments and speed settings, you're sure to find a mode to whip those tired muscles back into shape and ready for your next workout.

$279 at Best Buy

My wife, daughter, and son are all middle distance runners who regularly log 10-30 miles a week, respectively. As you can imagine, that kind of strain takes its toll on their muscles, tendons, and joints. One of the best purchases I ever made was picking up one of these percussion massagers for the family. Each person can adjust it to the appropriate setting and speed, and there are several attachments to work different muscle groups and angles. Best of all? I get to save my hands from actually doing the massaging! — win-win!

The other cool feature going for the Hypervolt is its Bluetooth-enabled routines. You can set a specific massage routine in the app and let the percussion gun apply just the right amount of pressure and speed for just the right amount of time. It takes the guesswork out of giving yourself (or someone else) the perfect massage.

A rechargeable battery powers the massager, so you don't have to worry about annoying cords getting in the way of a good massage. You also don't have to worry about bothering those around you, thanks to its Quiet Glide technology. If you've ever considered getting a high quality handheld massager, now is the time!

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