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Black Friday is here, and that means an opportunity to save money on just about anything you can think of. We're tracking all types of deals this year, including Advent calendars!

December will be here before you know it, and if you're a practicing Christian, that means it'll be time to bust out an Advent calendar as you count down the days until December 25. If you're in need of a new one, you're in luck — there are ample savings on tons of them.

We've rounded up a few of our favorite Black Friday Advent calendar deals below. Take a look, happy shopping, and Merry Christmas!

Best Advent calendar Black Friday deals

Lulu Home Christmas Advent Calendar

Lulu Home Christmas Advent Calendar | 20% off at Amazon

Lulu Home's Advent calendar is full of joy and whimsy. Every day leading up to Christmas is marked with a bag held together by ribbon, and for each day, you can fill the bags with a small toy, piece of candy, or anything else you'd like. Everything is made out of premium materials and the bags feature Christmas-themed decorations.

$10 at Amazon
Attraction Design Wooden Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Wooden Christmas Tree Advent Calendar | 25% off at Amazon

If you want something a bit more compact, check out this wooden Christmas tree Advent calendar from Attraction Design. Use the two countdown blocks as you get closer to Christmas each day, with the wooden tree also doubling as a nice decoration to go with the rest of your Christmas goodies. It even has mini LEDs on the front to light up at night!

$20 at Amazon
DIY Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar

DIY Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar | 31% off at Amazon

Now here's an Advent calendar that's truly unlike anything else you've ever seen. As you count the days down to Christmas, you'll be making your very own charm bracelet! There's one bracelet, one necklace, and 22 mini charms that you can put on them. Add to your bracelet or necklace each day until Christmas and see what the final result is at the end of the month.

$18 at Amazon
MorTime Wooden Advent Calendar

Wooden Sleigh Advent Calendar | 20% off at Amazon

The attention-to-detail that's on display with this wooden Advent calendar is something special. You'll find small doors counting down the days on both sides of the sleigh, which features intricate craftsmanship and design. On top of it are Christmas trees and a house, along with LEDs to tie the whole thing together.

$18 at Amazon
Pioneer Effort Pick Up Truck Advent Calendar

Pick-Up Truck Advent Calendar | 37% off at Amazon

Prefer pick-up trucks over sleighs? No problem! This is another wooden calendar, though as you can see, it takes the shape of a holiday-themed truck. It's painted red and green with snow covering parts of it, along with a little critter in the driver's seat. Talk about adorable.

$25 at Amazon
Burlap Advent Calendar

Burlap Advent Calendar | 28% off at Amazon

For shoppers that are looking for a high-quality Advent calendar while staying on a budget, this burlap one is a fantastic pick. It's easy to hang up on any wall, has 24 felt pockets for storing whatever you'd like, and is made out of a high-quality burlap material that's both thick and soft.

$13 at Amazon
Metal Snowman Sign Advent Calendar

Metal Snowman Sign Advent Calendar | 25% off at Amazon

Most Advent calendars have pockets/drawers of some kind counting down days until Christmas, but this one shakes things up. With each new day of December, move the snowman's nose to the corresponding day. It's cute, simple, and a nice twist on the type of Advent calendar we normally see. Even better, it's super affordable!

$19 at Amazon
Christmas Nativity Scene Set Advent Calendar

Christmas Nativity Scene Set Advent Calendar | 20% off at Amazon

Speaking of unique Advent calendars, here's another one that needs to be on your shopping list. For every day of December, have your kiddo open a door on the back of the box to find a new farm animal, shepherd, wise man, angel, etc. By the end of the month, they'll be able to set up their own Nativity Scene!

$27 at Amazon

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