Galaxy S20 FE in Cloud OrangeSource: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

Black Friday 2020 deals are well underway, with there being massive discounts on everything from phones to kitchen gear. Among all of those, one deal has stuck out as one of the best.

Samsung's Galaxy S20 FE is our favorite Android phone of the entire year, largely due to the fact that it offers a flagship-like experience for hundreds less than the regular S20 and S20+. It's a fantastic purchase at the full retail price of $700, but right now for Black Friday, it can be yours for just $550.

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That's the lowest price we've seen yet for the S20 FE, and as you might expect, it's created a lot of commotion in the AC forums.

tony bag o donuts

I saw. I am so torn between this and the pixel 5. This phone checks off a lot of boxes but I don't want to have two browsers, two messaging apps, etc. BUT, this is a lot of of phone for this price.

J Dubbs

I think I want my next phone to be a foldable like the Galaxy Fold 2. The FE is VERY tempting.... but I think I may wait to see how much prices drop in the foldable arena, and maybe what new foldable's come out next year :D


Was about to purchased from Samsung, but Amazon has the best sale. Man! I need to stop my phone addiction, no commitment lmao.


What a great deal! Oh boy!


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Flagship killer

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE | $150 off

One of the best Black Friday deals you'll find

There are tons of Black Friday deals to keep your wallet busy this year, but one that stands out above the rest is the Galaxy S20 FE for $150 off its retail price. This brings the phone down to just $550, which is an amazing price given everything the S20 FE brings to the table.

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