Hurry! Amazon's $74 smart speaker and smart thermostat combo deal is almost gone

Amazon Echo Pop review
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So, if you've been holding out on a great Prime Day deal to start building your smart home around, this is it. For only $74, you can get not only a great smart speaker for your home but also an excellent smart thermostat during Amazon's Fall Prime Days. These are two of the easiest ways to get into starting your smart home or expand on what you already have.

Should the Amazon Echo Pop be your first smart speaker, it's a great choice because not only is it a solid device on its own, but it is also one of the least expensive options for Alexa smart speakers.  It skips all the fancy bells and whistles of the pricier options and leaves you with a highly capable smart speaker to control your smart devices, ask questions, and listen to your favorite audio.

Amazon Smart Thermostat with Echo Pop: $119.98 $73.98 at Amazon

Amazon Smart Thermostat with Echo Pop: $119.98 $73.98 at Amazon

By combining these two products, you'll be able to adjust your thermostat by simply asking Alexa. But alone, each one offers you a wealth of helpful features to make your everyday just a bit easier.

With the Amazon Smart Thermostat, you're getting one of the best smart thermostats on the market that will work perfectly with the Echo Pop speaker. Installation for this device is simple and offers excellent instructions to get it done in no time. Once installed, you can adjust the temperature, set up daily schedules, get notifications when to change your HVAC filter, and so much more all from your favorite smart phone.

Of course, when paired with the Echo Pop smart speaker, you can ask Alexa to adjust the temperature at any time so you can stay comfy no matter where you are. Don't let this great deal slip by because Amazon Prime Big Deal Days is almost over.

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