Save big money and take the Amazon Echo Show 10 for a spin with this excellent Prime Day deal

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Amazon not only kicked off the smart speaker craze with the original Echo, but the company has continued to be a leader in the space. It has brought numerous iterations of the full-sized smart speaker, along with larger and smaller options, to the market over the years. Perhaps the most advanced is the latest Echo Show 10 with its 10.1-inch display. While you usually spend $250 to pick one up, this Prime Day deal saves you $70 on this awesome device.

Joining in on the fun of great other great Amazon device Prime Day deals, the Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) is ready to be the most helpful smart display you own. In our review, we loved the large, crisp high-definition display and one super-nifty feature.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd gen) | $250 $180

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd gen) | $250 $180

Along with the excellent sound quality, 10.1-inch HD display, and its ability to follow you around the room, the Echo Show 10 also brings along the ultra-helpful digital assistant: Alexa.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) swiveling

(Image credit: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central)

Using its 13MP camera, if enabled, the screen will rotate to ensure that you can always see it and it can see you. This makes it perfect for video calls, watching movies, or when following a recipe while cooking. Aside from the spinning display, the Amazon Echo Show 10 has an impressive-sounding speaker. Inside of the fabric-covered case is a 2.1-channel audio setup with two 1-inch tweeters and a 3-inch woofer. You’ll be able to power your next party or clearly hear your favorite podcast with the Echo Show 10.

In addition to offering deals on some of the best smart speakers around, Amazon has deals on thousands of other products. So be sure to check out our Prime Day deals live blog to ensure you don’t miss your chance to save some money!

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