I can finally afford 1TB expandable storage thanks to Prime Day

SanDisk Extreme microSD card
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Whenever I buy a phone or tablet with expandable storage, I love having the option but waver over how much storage to get. Bigger microSD cards can be so expensive, after all. But my mouth started watering when I saw that the SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSDXC is just 95.99 (usually $299.99) today only for Prime Day 2023. 

Our list of the best microSD cards prioritizes smaller, more affordable cards, but they should provide context for how awesome this "Extreme" option is. Aside from offering so much space, it hits 190MB/s read and 130MB/s write speeds. Usually, anything from 100–130MB/s is considered pretty darn fast, but the SanDisk 1TB extreme will read a GB of data in just over 5 seconds where most cards would take at least 10. Multiply that for large transfers, and you're saving a ton of time.

SanDisk 1TB Extreme MicroSD card:

SanDisk 1TB Extreme MicroSD card: $299 $95.99 at Amazon

With all the storage that most Android devices can support, this 1TB card is 4K and 5K UHD-ready, loads faster than most other microSD cards on the market, and can even augment your Steam Deck to store a ton more games.

Of course, not everyone needs a terabyte of storage, and you'll also find other Prime Day 2023 microSD card deals on smaller sizes if you prefer to save more. Our favorite microSD card, the Samsung EVO Select, is just $10 for 128GB or $30 for 512GB, with 130GB and 120GB read/write speeds, respectively. 

Samsung EVO Select 128GB MicroSD Card: $20

Samsung EVO Select 128GB MicroSD Card:
$20 $9.99 at Amazon (128GB)
$45 $29.99 at Amazon (512GB)

Fast, reliable, and backed by a 10-year warranty, these cards give you a ton of value for a reasonable price. Most people don't really need a terabyte of space, so making do with 512GB for just $30 is a genuinely excellent deal. Time to expand your (storage) options for your phone, tablet, Switch, or Steam Deck!

Not many Android flagships have expandable storage these days, but there are plenty of exceptions! Our list of the best phones with microSD slots includes the Galaxy A54 5G and Moto G Stylus 5G 2023, both of which have some pretty good discounts for Prime Day (see our deals hub for more info). Plus, most Android tablets have expandable storage, too.

I already have a microSD card for my Nintendo Switch, but I plan to buy the SanDisk 1TB Extreme for my Galaxy Tab S8+, which (by the way) is $300 off for Prime Day if you want the best Android tablet on the market. I have the 128GB version, and I'm already running out of space, thanks to all of my downloaded games and photos. 

Plus, I'll point out that my colleagues at our sister site Windows Central recommend the same Samsung microSD cards in their list of Prime Day Steam Deck accessories. Clearly, they're thinking the same way when it comes to expanding their gaming storage for much cheaper than normal!

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