My favorite running earbuds dipped to a new low, thanks to Cyber Monday

Shokz OpenFit
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Shokz's bone conduction earbuds leave your eardrums unimpeded for outdoor workouts. Its latest OpenRun earbuds are heavily discounted for Cyber Monday — up to $55 off the Pros, their lowest-ever price, or a mere $89 for the base OpenRuns.

My personal favorite Shokz earbuds, however, don't use bone conduction at all! The Shokz OpenFit rest on and over your ears like glasses, with the speakers hanging over your eardrums instead of inside them. They give you traditional audio if you're not a fan of bone conduction, while still preserving that open-ear design for spatial awareness during workouts. 

At $30 off, the 2023 Shokz OpenFit also hit an all-time low this week, and as my new favorite running earbuds, I can't recommend them enough. 

Shokz OpenFit: $180 $149.95 at Amazon

Shokz OpenFit: $180 $149.95 at Amazon

With a very appropriate name, these OpenFit earbuds ensure that you can hear your surroundings on your bike or out running on the trail. They're pricier than Shokz's bone conduction earbuds, but they also arguably offer superior audio with better bass quality than the OpenRuns, making them worth the higher price. 

This isn't necessarily the biggest Cyber Monday earbud deal on paper, but as Camelcamelcamel's price chart shows, the price has literally never fallen below $180 before this week, so getting any money off is fairly rare. And as I said in my review, they're very comfortable, have reliably rich audio, and give you perks like water resistance and touch controls. 

Still, if you want the best possible deal, our regular Audio reviewer Ted Kristonis praised the OpenRun Pros in his review, calling them "bone conduction headphones done right." They're similarly comfortable and light, but with 10 hours of battery instead of seven. And since they rest behind your ears instead of atop them, they're less likely to wobble when touched like the OpenFits do. 

Shokz OpenRun Pro: $180 $124.99 at Amazon

Shokz OpenRun Pro: $180 $124.99 at Amazon

These traditional bone conduction earbuds give you similar perks to the OpenFit for $25 less. For fans of bone conduction earbuds, they're on our list of the best workout earbuds available today. With a light design, IP55 water and dust resistance, and long battery life, these are a great option for outdoor athletes. 

It's been tough finding good Cyber Monday earbuds on sale. It's why my colleague wrote about saving 0% on his favorite Jabra earbuds, because no other discounted options were worth buying. Thankfully, Shokz proved to be the exception, giving us some excellent deals. 

Michael L Hicks
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