Go ahead, folks. Let's just get all the earthquake chatter out in one post1, shall we? Yes, phone lines are jammed. Towers might even be out. Basically, nobody knows anything. But Android shall prevail! Or something like that.

Source: USGS
Download: Reto Meier's Earthquake! app

1 - TouchPad jokes are welcome here, too, of course.


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OT: Get your earthquake comments out here


I got a MSNBC notification on my Android phone that there'd been an earthquake in the capital and I was worried. Then, I heard it was less than six and went back to my normal business.

I was looking at my phone when the notification of the Japan earthquake came in. I also got word of the killing of OBL via my Android phone. These devices are changing the way and speed that we become aware of important events. We live in exciting times.

You see those 2 letters: O and T? If you don't wanna read an off topic message, don't read it. They called it out as OT..........

I mean, holy crap! The sky is definitely falling. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis. What next??? Global warming???

Being in O'Fallon, that's the fastest I've ever heard of anything moving here in Misery, er, Missouri.

I bought the app 'Sound Meter Pro' awhile back which includes a vibrometer which is sort of a crude seismograph.

Then move along & don't read the article or post a comment.

Oh wait, I get it, because you don't want to talk about it no one should. Self-centered much?

I felt it here in Pittsburgh, I'm close to downtown up on a hill. It was a pretty good shake of my place. It was kind of freaky really.

Figures that it's the rapture. Facebook notifications just started working on my Thunderbolt with this new leaked RUU.

I'm extremely disappointed in the Bush administration's reaction time to this crisis. The mole trapped underneath the chair has been without food for 45 minutes.

I blame Obama and his socialist agenda. They wanted to spread the earthquake wealth out from the California elites.

It wasn't the guberment or the liberals. it was GOD, and God is mad at everyone except Rick Perry. All hail Rick Perry, who foresaw God taking us back to biblical times.....


Felt it pretty good in SE Michigan. I am on the 4th (top) floor of my building though, so it probably was a little more amplified.

Hell yeah we did! Im about 30min east of the epicenter and I can tell you it was a good one. I lived in LA and San Fransisco for 5 years and this is like what they get over there.

Crap was falling off of shelves, windows were all vibrating etc. We all thought at first one of the air handlers was freaking out...

I'm in Chesterfield (about 40 miles from the epicenter) and it shook our building pretty bad. Luckily we have a datacenter, so the building is built to handle hurricanes and such.

Nice bit a swaying going on here in the Tidewater area. Was interesting and fun but I think there a bit of overreaction going on... Local news reporting a 5.8-5.9 quake possibly 2 and now the strongest quake in the state.. knocked the previous 5.8 out from over 100 years ago.

The East Coasters are freaking out over a relatively small quake. It's like when places that traditionally get no snow in the winter get a few inches. People panic.

I'm more worried about this hurricane coming to wreck havoc on my home. And my My freightliner shakes more this earthquake

looks like she is headed towards Florida but maybe it will take a different direction over the next few days.

So, Southern New Jersey has now had flooding and earthquakes. And Hurricane Irene is on track for getting there Sunday.

Next: tornadoes, volcanoes, and locusts.

It shook us in Winston-Salem, (just down the road from Greensboro) and it was intense enough to make me want to get outside. made the light fixtures sway.

The building shook here in Arlington, VA for about 25 seconds, but it wasn't anything to worry about. We're all back at work. I'm on a break.

Felt it here in Toronto, Canada! It was kinda strange how our office building started to sway and I was in the middle of showing my buddy how easy it was to tether my Android phone to my Tab 10.1! LOL

On the 7th floor of a building in Manhatten and it was a bit scary. I was on the phone with someone in 'Jersey when it occured so I immediately knew it was wide spread and not the subway or something like that. Which made it more frightening.

Felt a short rumble in Washington DC zoo, it seems to have messed up the Sprint towers, no 3g, and the failed data call error message keeps popping up, it even cut off a video I was trying to take, of a tiger roaring... Stupid message...

Felt it in New Jersey this was the first eartquake I ever felt didn't know what was going on, thought there is no earthquakes on east coast myth busted.

I live 30 miles from the center of this. Communications are fine, well, cell service is good in Charlottesville, the 911 system went down... As far as I can tell, nothing too serious happened... My girlfriend works in a high school at the center of the quake. She got a few scratches from ceiling tiles falling and one of her students was hit by a picture hanging on the wall but nothing too serious. The North Anna nuclear reactor was shut down for safety and inspection. It was an interesting experience. Prayers and thoughts to those who had a more traumatic experience with this.

I'm in Virginia and it shook the mess out of the buildings here. At least the ground didn't open up like I experience while living in Southern California.

Didn't feel it, in Raleigh nc for me anyway. I will tell you the Verizon towers are down or something because my phone can't keep data for anything.

Yes, Verizon reported the outage a little after 2 PM. Some cell services have been coming back online slowly for other carriers.

I work in uptown Manhattan and all my coworkers felt a small shake, followed by 12-15 seconds of serious enough movement to shake all the fluorescent fixtures.

Not saying it was that big... But completely out of the ordinary for us new yorkers.

getting complaints about service could we all look at alternative services, voip sms over wifi, should we trust these cell phone providers networks.

Wow.. Here I thought the ground was shaking because the HTC Merge was finally available on Verizon! ohh well..

.... It was either that or the HP Touchpad Fire Sale 2 started. I thought everyone was running to find the closest place to buy a Touchpad again!

Felt it here in Washington, DC on the fourth floor of my apartment building. Nothing fell, just a bit of unnerving shaking. My ATT phone still works fine.

I work from home, but I decided to step outside for a minute. With everyone leaving work early, it looks like they have sequenced the traffic lights for an evacuation. Like others have said, we're just not used to that here.

Will and Jada split up and all people can talk about is a silly little 5.8. What has happened to society? Will and Jada are no longer married! Why isn't this news every where?! Oh, and I think there's like a massive famine in Somalia or some place like that.

I love in Baltimore, MD and we had some mild tremors but it definitely wasn't terrifying. Call service on 3G was unavailable on my boyfriends DX for about an hour. I put my TBolt on 4G and haven't had call or data problems at all.

You call that an earthquake?! That was a mere fart at the dinner table! Look at all you East Coasters scramble. I don't even see how this is even newsworthy.

So you want to make this an east vs west thing? Well us "eastcoasters" are not use to something like that. How the hell you expect them to act? Get over yourself. FYI I didn't feel any tremors but that's beside the point. Don't worry when the big one hits....I'll be sure to send you a postcard.

Definitely felt it here in Silver Spring, MD. I even saved a life - well, it was our beloved bamboo plant...My 4G service is fine tho (don't know about 3G). Only had a problem trying to reach my wife by cell, but connected when I called her cell from our landline.

UPDATE: Ok 3G is down, but my 4G is up

UPDATE 2: 3G is up

It was kinda scary for me being it was the first time I was in an earthquake. Me and a co worker were at a resturant in gallery place in dc when it hit. We thought it was a train or a big truck until the resturant started shaking kinda violently.

I felt it in Northeast Ohio. I work 3rd shift & I had just got in the bed when it started shaking...I thought I was daydreaming so I just closed my eyes & went to sleep!! lol

I felt it here in johnstown pa, and quite frankly it scared the crap out of me. i never felt 1 before, my gram screamed, and i just sat here wondering what was going on, and i was on skype with a friend in virginia and i heard shaking and he said i think i have a earthquake, about 45 seconds after that i felt it.

It was hilarious watching the overreaction by the cable news networks from my office in SF.

It went a bit like this

NYC still standing after a moderate eartquake occured 400 miles away. Authorities have advised that all buildings be evacuated (which will probably cause more injuries than the quake itself).

Reports are coming in that the magnitude 5.8 eartquake in Virginia caused someone's pen to roll off their desk in 30 Rockerfeller Center.

No chance of tsunami from quake that happened 100 miles inland.

Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge still intact.

In other news:
There was a 5.3 magnitude earthquake in Colorado last night, but it didn't happen in NYC or LA, so who really cares.

I'm waiting for the Federal stimulaus to be announced for "the earthquake ravaged region".

In other news:
There was a 5.3 magnitude earthquake in Colorado last night, but it didn't happen in NYC or LA, so who really cares.

Fly Over country -- no one( media) doesnt care...

All you California folks, ok, we get it: you have earthquakes there. But, it's not about "my earthquake was bigger than your earthquake". 5.8 is considered significant. It would seem that the depth of the earthquake is what kept it from being particularly damaging at the surface. How far away it was felt is important data for the U.S. Geological Survey in their research into all earthquakes. This was WIDE.(felt it in Michigan, really? You should report on the USGS website. I'm not kidding.)