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The Verizon model of the Galaxy SIII (S3) received its Jelly Bean update fashionably late back in December, and now an Android 4.1.2 update has leaked out as well. A poster at XDA Forums, who has had previous versions of the Galaxy S3 software posted, has just added this latest version to the list. The build -- version VRBMA2 -- is based on Android 4.1.2 and has a build date of January 19th. Initial reports are that this update doesn't include the "Premium Suite" apps, at least at this time, so we'll have to keep an eye out for future builds.

The file is available to download and flash at the source link below, but we have to put a word of caution on flashing pre-release versions of firmware. If you know the risks and want to go ahead with it, be sure to chime in in the forums and let other users know how it goes.

Source: XDA; Via: Droid-Life 

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Android 4.1.2 update for Verizon Galaxy S3 leaks out


We still don't know if Samsung going to support 4.2 on S3. I hope they do, but they may stop at 4.1.2....

4.2.X seems to have slowed devolopement IMO. I've been on it for months. It's great and all, but it's not nearly the sort of jump 4.0 to 4.1 was. The 4.1 nightlies seemed to include something new you'd notice, the 4.2 nightlies are buttery smooth and super stable on my LTE gnex and all (as usual), but I haven't noticed anything new in quite at while (for crackflashing). Point is I wouldn't worry about 4.2 all that much if you're on 4.1.

Seriously, you're surprised? As far as Verizon is concerned, the GNex is outdated. They have no motivation to update it because there's no money to be made. This isn't new lol

Then Verizon should release the phone to Google who'd be more than happy to update our Gnex's. Why keep a phone from being updated when there is another company willing to do it for free

I understand wanting official ROMs on most phones, no bugs or broken stuff that doesn't work. For me the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is made to have custom Roms on it since it was white hot when it came out and so many people have made stuff for it. Since it isn't the GSM version direct from Google it has delays in updates. Which baffles me because its supposed to be Vanilla android. So why wait for it. I am no expert but have 4.2 from CyanogenMod and have no issues other than I can't leave it alone. You don't have to root your phone because its a Nexus. U can run stock and that's cool but if you get sick of Verizon being slow as crap try a root for a week. CM10.1 is pretty stable and has all the toys. I haven't looked at Verizon but the Sprint store isn't even selling the Galaxy Nexus any more. That means maybe less chance of timely updates since its about sales. Just an opinion.

Sprint is selling the GNex still, online. Basically getting rid of left over stock.
I should have bought Nexus but I have a 32Gb sdcard that needed a home.

Love the Nexus but I have what common people call, "A Galaxy"...

Wow, I've been enjoying smart rotation and multy Window on my international GS3 for soo long now, I feel the pain of CDMA customers.

Have had 4.1.2 on international Version GS3 in Thailand now for 2 plus weeks. Still hoping we will get 4.2 for GS3.