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Black Friday's tendrils have crawled upwards to Monday, which means Amazon already has some excellent deals posted. For those of us into all things smartphoney, there are quite a few great accessories and devices that have been significantly marked down. There are also a lot of crazy flash sales going every couple of hours and offer lots of opportunity for those of us that want to get our holiday shopping done early. I just missed out on a 64 GB microSD memory card for $38; they were all sold out in a matter of minutes, so you're going to have to be fast. Let's see what else Amazon is offering...

Jawbone Jambox - $199.99 $129.99

I've played around with the Jambox, and combined with the solid amount of bass it affords, the Jambox is also a very stylish package. My only real qualm about about the Bluetooth speaker was the pricetag, but with $70 knocked off, I'd say it's worth it. 

8 GB Eye-Fi Pro X2 SD memory card$99.99 $69.99

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These are great for those not-uncommon geeks that are into both phones and cameras. Eye-Fi cards can beam pictures directly from a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera to your home computer or Android device using Wi-Fi Drect (that means no need to a pre-existing hotspot). This enables easy upload, and ensures an uncluttered memory card. The only issue I ever really had with mine is that those transfers can take a bite out of your camera's battery, but the convenience is totally worth it. The Pro version here handles RAW format and geotagging, but if you're not that hardcore, you can drop down to the Mobile version and save $20. 

OtterBox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy S3 - $49.95 $19.99

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OtterBox makes some of the most respected cases out there, and to see their top-of-the-line ones on sale for more than half price should be an opportunity to jump on. 

Plantronics BackBeat 903+ - $99.95 $41.80

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I've used the last generation of Plantronics BackBeat stereo Bluetooth headphones, and they're still among some of the most comfortable I've worn to date. The gels weren't as comfortable as my Bose In-Ear headphones, but the subdued color scheme and form factor make BackBeats really unobtrusive and practical. 

Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones - $89.99 $47.09

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Another really popular set of stereo Bluetooth headphones are the Motorola MOTOROKR S10s, I've never put any time into them, but Gary was impressed with the battery life they had to offer. 

Plantronics Voyager Pro HD - $99.99 $49.99

For those that mean business when taking phone calls while on the go, the Plantronics Voyager series gets solid reviews. It's got good battery life and solid sound quality for drivers and others that need to keep their hands free while still staying in the loop. 

That's just a few of the sales we've found today, and more are bound to be coming. What's the best thing you've found in Amazon Black Friday Week sales so far? Find any other good sales online so far? 


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Amazon kicks off Black Friday week with smartphone accessory deals


I've had the Motorola S10's for a year now. Use them all the time while working out/running. Sound is certainly acceptable, battery life is tremendous and they are very durable. Very easy to pair and keep paired too!

That's a great deal for the Jambox. I received one for Christmas last year and my wife and I use it all the time. The size and portability is great because we can move it to our kitchen if we're cooking, take it outside if I'm BBQing, etc. Even took it on vacation this year and listened to tunes next to the pool. Plus the sound is quite good. It's not going to provide tunes for a party but it's enough to fill a room or two with good sound.

Sadly, it seems that in just a couple of years microsd cards won't be considered smartphone accessories.

Damn, I just bought the 64gb card a few weeks ago for $50. Already have the Backbeats, they hurt my ears where they go over the top; tried the Motorola's, didn't like the feeling of it hanging around the back of my neck; the other Plantronics would be painful as well for the fact of it going over my ears. All I really want is the Jambox, but still can't afford that.

looking for bluetooth active wear headphones? get the arriva leo's! i've had mine for over a year and LOVE THEM! wear them cycling, running, basketball (practice), awesome! and their customer service is amazing!