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Xiaomi completes latest funding round of $1.1 billion, now valued at $45 billion


Xiaomi has completed its latest round of funding, raising $1.1 billion, at a valuation of $45 billion. Funding at this level was reported a couple of weeks ago, and as the report said, the funding was led by All-Stars Investments.

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4 hours ago

Lollipop update for Galaxy S5 going live in more European territories


After commencing rollout of Android Lollipop for the Galaxy S5 in Poland at the start of the month, it looks like Samsung is making the update available in more countries in the region. According to SamMobile, owners of the Galaxy S5 in Spain are beginning to see the OTA update.

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Save 43% today on this durable quick-release holster for Samsung Galaxy S5

Perfect for those who prefer to keep their Galaxy S5 at their side for instant access, the Seidio Spring Clip Holster keeps your device snapped in tight and even rotates sideways for optimal comfort. The interior is lined with a soft material that keeps your display safe from scratches while clipped in.


4 hours ago

Samsung to reportedly axe the Galaxy Alpha as focus shifts to low-cost alternatives


If you've been holding out on getting the Galaxy Alpha, best do it while you can, as a report out of South Korea suggests that Samsung is looking to discontinue production of the handset as soon as current inventory of materials runs out. ET News states that Samsung will instead by shifting focus to the mid- and entry-level segments with devices like the Galaxy A5.

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13 hours ago

Samsung announces an even-faster Galaxy Note 4


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is already a speedy phone, but there's a new version that can download over LTE even faster than before. The current version of the Galaxy Note 4 includes LTE-A with dual-band carrier aggregation — the ability to combine two frequency bands (carrier, in this case, is frequency on which the tower is broadcasting) — for downloads up to 150Mbps. The new version, however, bundles together three bands for downloads that can reach up to 300Mbps.

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13 hours ago

Twitter says it's working on tonight's meltdown [update: resolved]

Twitter error

If Twitter suddenly logged you out of your mobile apps and won't let you back in — or a device or a desktop, actually — you're not alone. In fact, you're in damned good company. We're locked out, too. Twitter's official status page says they're aware of the problem and are working on it.

One possible culprit, as noted in our comments, is that apparently Twitter leaped ahead to Dec 29, 2015. While we have no doubt that day will be awesome, it's still a year away and unsurprisingly would cause issues should servers think we're there already.

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17 hours ago

AC editors' apps of the week: Evil Apples, DeviantArt, Xbox 360 SmartGlass and more

Apps of the week

You need to check out these apps

Whether you just got your Android as a holiday gift, or you've been using one for years, you need some great apps to allow it to be all it can be. That's where we can help.

We live and breath Android and Android apps. When we find one we want to recommend, we share them right here, every week. These are the apps we love to use, and think you should try for yourself. Of course, we want to hear what apps you find indispensable, too. Shout out in the comments with any apps you think are worth a closer look.

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From the Editor's Desk: What's next ...

Phil on Google Plus

Fun fact: Christmas Day actually is one of the top traffic days of the year for this little site. That makes sense when you stop to think about it. Lots of folks are getting new Android toys. And lots of folks are searching for things about their new toys. And that means there are lots of folks who are finding us for the first time. By that same token, they're also finding you. Your comments. Your forum posts. And I'd argue that's just as (if not more) important than anything we write here.

That's particularly true in the forums, where it's not just a bunch of writers pounding out stories into the ether — it's members helping members. It's folks who spent their hard-earned money on a phone or tablet and want to get the most out of it, and folks who are able to go even more in-depth than we can in this space. That's the important stuff.

That's not to say we're not working on some new tricks, though. So what to come in 2015?

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1 day ago

OnePlus satisfies your urge for free stuff with '7 Days of Giveaways'


Christmas may be over, but it looks like the holiday cheer is still spreading. OnePlus announced yesterday what it is calling "7 Days of Givaways." The promotion kicked off with free codes for FlowHome Launcher, and today sees the company giving out 100 free dbrand skins and one 16GB Silk White OnePlus One.

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Phil's favorite apps of 2014

Phil's favorite apps of 2014

Two ways to look at the apps that I can't live without, seeing as how they don't really change much from year to year. One is that I'm just a crabby old dude stuck in my ways. The other is that I've found a bunch of apps that work well for me, and so why fix it if it ain't broken? I see so many slick home screens out there. But I've kept mine pretty much the same for I don't know how long.

Maybe things will change in 2015. Maybe they won't.

But for now, these are just a few of the apps that I can't live without. The ones that get me through work at home, and work on the road.

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2 days ago

So you just got a new Android Wear smartwatch ...

Android Wear Smartwatches

If it's a watch running Android, we've used them all ...

It seems you can't go two stories these days without someone talking about wearables are the next big thing. (Never mind that we've been hearing that for a couple years now and are as much a part of the problem as anyone.) And there's a good chance you're exiting the holiday season with a new smartwatch on your wrist.

So now what?

We've used the major smart watches for months now. If you've got questions, chances are we've got answers. Let's break it down.

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2 days ago

So you just got a new Android smartphone ...

New phones

You've got the new phone, now we're going to show you how to get up and running

So, you just got a new Android smartphone — that's pretty exciting! But once the initial awe of this new gadget wears off, you realize you actually need to use that phone. For those of us who read (and write for) Android Central regularly a new phone isn't such a big deal, but if you've just received your first Android phone it can be a bit daunting.

But that's what we're here for — with a little research you'll have your new Android up and running, and you'll be a pro in no time at all. Read along with us and see the first things you need to do with your new phone.

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2 days ago

Richard's favorite Android apps of 2014

Richard's best apps

What I've been using the most this past year

We're coming to the end of another fantastic 12 months in the Android world, and as is often the case the end of the year brings about a retrospective look at what has been before. That's true of each of the Android Central staffers, and we're taking it in turns to talk about what we've been using this year to help us make it through the day.

In 2014 I had a real productivity kick, trying to get my Android devices working for me to make me get more done. As such the apps I've used the most are the ones that helped me to achieve that goal. But play time hasn't been totally forgotten.

These are my most used apps from the past 12 months. And they're not going anywhere soon. Let's get into it!

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2 days ago

The Nexus 6 is back in stock, for now, at Motorola's website


It's the day after Christmas, but that doesn't mean your shopping days have to be over, especially if you still want to get the Nexus 6. Today, the Motorola.com website put the 6-inch Android Lollipop smartphone back in stock.

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2 days ago

HTC Gallery update adds cloud viewing support and Face Fusion photo editor


HTC has released an update to its HTC Gallery app in the Google Play Store that adds a number of new features to the photo application, including a way to view photos and videos on the cloud and a new Face Fusion editor.

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