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Google I/O 2015 Keynote liveblog — today at 9:30 a.m. PDT, 12:30 p.m. EDT!

Google I/O 2014

Today's the day! We're coming at you live at 9:30 a.m. PDT — that's 12:30 on the east coast and 16:30 UTC — from the keynote address at the 2015 Google I/O developer conference! And while we've already previewed what we think is coming you never really know what to expect until the lights drop, the music starts and Google's Sundar Pichai takes the stage.

We'll be there. And you'll be there. It's going to be magical. Or something. At the very least it'll be awesome.

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Sidebar poll results: what are you looking forward to most at Google I/O?


It's nearly time for Google to take the stage at the Moscone Center, and this is what you're most excited about.

While there are oodles and oodles of jaw-dropping goodies that are likely about to be dropped in our lap — or dangled beyond our wallets — in the next few hours, we have that one update or device we want to see more than anything else at Google I/O. More than anything else in the world, in some cases. So, out of all the dream and wishes and hopes that are about to come true or die in agony, which one are you begging to whatever force you believe in for?

It's all about that M, bout that M, bout that M, no TV.

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HARMAN and Blackfire announce development kit for wireless HD audio


The teams at HARMAN and Blackfire have partnered up to bring an all new software development kit and developer community for its wireless HD home audio system.

HARMAN wants to make it easier for developers to build better audio experiences into their connected apps, so they have teamed up with Blackfire to release a new software development kit along with a community for developers. Not only will developers have a new place to go to get support and help, but the new set of tools makes it easier for them to integrate several new options.

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AT&T begins LG G4 pre-orders on May 29, in stores on June 5


The LG G4 will go up for pre-order at AT&T's website on Friday, May 29, with retail store sales starting on June 5.

AT&T is the latest US wireless carrier to announce its launch date and pricing plans for the LG G4. The newest flagship phone from LG will be available to pre-order from AT&T starting at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time on Friday, May 29. Retail store sales will start a week later on Friday, June 5.

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Using the Cyanogen OS Gallery


Like many other third party Gallery apps, the Cyanogen OS offering is all about offering a single destination for all of your photos.

It's reasonably safe to say that most smartphone camera users fall into two categories. Your photos are either meticulously organized into folders and you only keep the ones you like, or your photo galley is a dumpster that only gets cleaned out when you wipe the device or run out of storage. The prevalence of cloud backup services has made this divide fairly easy to accomplish, and because there are so many of them nowadays there's been a unique push for the local Gallery app to be the central hub to connect cloud and local photo storage.

The Cyanogen OS Gallery is a decent example of this experience, and whether your photo collection resembles a teenager's bedroom floor or a well organized closet the app has you covered. Here's how it works.

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Pebble Time teardown reveals a tiny battery along with very few components


The Pebble Time is the latest device to receive a proper iFixit teardown, and inside the new smartwatch they find very few components.

The folks at iFixit have taken the time to dissect the brand new Pebble Time, giving us a glimpse of what the company packed inside the device that is just starting to ship. What iFixit found once they got the device completely apart is that it is actually quite easy to repair on your own.

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1 hour ago

Official Pebble Time Watch app released ahead of smartwatch launch


Pebble has released an companion official app for Android to connect to the second generation of the company's wearable tech.

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3 hours ago

Android TV Remote Control app gains tablet support, UI improvements


Google's Android TV app finally feels like a complete thought, even on tablets.

It looks like the pieces are falling into place for some updates to Android TV. Mere hours before the folks at Google take to the stage to show off all of the amazing things they have brewing for the rest of the year, the Android TV Remote Control app has updated with a UI update and support for tablets.

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First look: Lenovo's crazy Magic View smartwatch concept

Lenovo Magic View

Magic View's 'Virtual Interactive Display' is a first in smartwatches — but you can't buy it yet.

For Android followers and smartwatch fans, the most interesting announcement out of Lenovo's TechWorld event in Beijing might have been the company's crazy new concept design for a smartwatch, dubbed "Magic View." Part traditional smartwatch, part secondary display, the device introduces an intriguing new way to look at pictures or video on your wrist. Whether it'll ever take off in a consumer product remains to be seen. In the meantime we've had the chance to test out the watch in Beijing. Check past the break to learn more.

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10 hours ago

Here are all the highlights from Lenovo TechWorld


At the Lenovo Tech World event in Beijing, the Chinese manufacturer unveiled a series of new products, including a streaming device, a dual-display smartwatch concept and a phone with a built-in projector.

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11 hours ago

Lenovo unveils laser projector smartphone concept

Smart Cast

Lenovo's concept product lineup isn't limited to smartwatches. At its TechWorld event in Beijing today, the Chinese tech giant also showed off a new pico-projecting smartphone concept, dubbed Smart Cast.

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11 hours ago

Lenovo showcases dual-screen Magic View smartwatch concept

Lenovo concept

At its Tech World event in Beijing, China today, Lenovo has introduced a new concept smartwatch that aims to address some of the main pain points of that product category. In addition to the main circular display, the Magic View smartwatch incorporates a second screen between the watch face and strap, using a technology Lenovo calls a "Virtual Interactive Display." Though small in size, Lenovo claims the VID allows users to view images up to 20 times the size of the standard watch face.

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12 hours ago

Lenovo Cast is the company's new $49 streaming gadget

Lenovo Cast

Lenovo's Chromecast competitor promises faster speeds and more connection options.

At its first TechWorld show in Beijing, Lenovo has taken the wraps off a new media streaming device, the Lenovo Cast. A small hockey puck-like that connects your TV and mobile devices, Lenovo Cast aims to outdo Google's established Chromecast stick with faster connection speeds and more ways to stream your stuff to a bigger screen.

Lenovo Cast supports both 2.4 and 5GHz Wifi networks, with a range of approximately 20 meters and support for playback at up to 1080p resolution. Content is piped to your TV over a microHDMI cable, while a standard microUSB connector powers the small, hockey-puck-sized contraption. As for the technical nuts and bolts, Lenovo Cast supports DLNA and Miracast in addition to the Google Cast standard, which should make it a more versatile streamer than Google's basic $35 stick.

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Moto Maker brings customized Moto X phones to China


Chinese buyers will get the chance to customize their own Moto X, as Moto Maker lands in China.

The move was announced by Motorola's parent company Lenovo, at its TechWorld event in Beijing today. The new Chinese Moto Maker is available now at motomaker.cn, where prices for custom Moto Xs start at ¥2,799 ($451). Like its Western counterpart, China's Moto Maker will allow customers to change the phone's colors and materials to suit their tastes, including the premium wood and leather options buyers in the U.S. have been enjoying since late 2014.

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