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The sales numbers keep pouring in, and it is nothing but good news for Android. Backing that up are ad impression statistics from mobile ad firms, and Millennial Media is reporting huge growth for Android. Overall, Android devices accounted for 26 percent of all devices that viewed ads, and increase of seven percent month-over-month. As for ad impressions, Android saw a 39 percent jump month-over-month, which would indicate that people are using their phones to browse the web more than ever. The most striking number is that Android ad impressions have exploded by a whopping 996 percent since the beginning of the year.

In addition, the Motorola became the third largest manufacturer and the venerable Droid became the phone with the second highest mobile impressions with nine percent, presumably losing the top spot to the iPhone. Any way you cut it, these numbers are great and show the strength of the Android browsing experience across all the carriers. Also, it reinforces just how vital the Droid and Verizon's marketing push have been to Android's successes as a platform. Click past the link for some additional bits of information. [Millennial Media]


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Android ad impressions have grown 996 percent on year, Millennial says


Funny, a bit off topic...after seeing all these new phones come out recently and the new ones coming that old Droid looks nasty haha.

You can have more than 100% growth. If you have 5$, and I give you 15$, you now have 300% more money than when you started.

I think the jump in adds is due to the overload of developers adding advertising banners and links to their app. That's just my 2 cents.

That may be part of it. More Google apps are free/ad supported than iOS.

The main reason is much more simple, this time last year the Droid was still a quarter of a year from release. Android didn't become a major market player until just the beginning of this year. Of course the growth is up 900% over the last 12 months, the number of Android phones in use has probably multiplied that much because this time last year the number of Androids in use was statistically insignificant.