$50 for smart glasses? Best Cyber Monday deal ever!

Razer Anzu smart glasses
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Are you looking to get a new pair of glasses this year? Instead of grabbing a boring old pair of frames from your local optical shop, give the Razer Anzu smart glasses a chance! Normally $200, these bad boys are on sale for an unbelievable $50 in an epic Cyber Monday sale.

As our editor Derrek Lee pointed out in his Razer Anzu review, these glasses are the perfect companion for folks who work at home or do a lot of mobile gaming. That's because they come packed with blue light filtering lenses and can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing streaming music via the onboard speakers hidden in each of the glasses' temples. That makes it easy to ditch the earbuds this year and have one less thing to wear.

The best Cyber Monday smart glasses deal is right here

Razer Anzu: $199.99 $49.99 at Amazon

Razer Anzu: $199.99 $49.99 at Amazon
Razer Anzu smart glasses are a great way to get started with intelligent frames that blast audio to your ears without covering up the world around you. Easily swap out blue-light-blocking, polarized, or even prescription lenses thanks to Razer's great design and a deal that'll have you stunned.

Also available for $63.99 from Best Buy

Razer makes its Anzu smart glasses in two form factors to best fit your style. Whether you prefer rounded or square frames, each pair of Anzu glasses comes with a set of blue-light-blocking lenses and a set of polarized lenses.

As you might expect, blue light lenses are best for when you're at home (or the office) and are staring at a screen all day. These 35% blue-light-blocking lenses help your eyes relax a bit more, taking away some of that workday stress. They're also perfect for playing games on the copious number of displays gamers have access to these days.

Folks playing mobile games will be happy to know that the glasses feature Bluetooth connectivity to phones and other devices and can even be put in a special low-latency "gaming" mode to eliminate that annoying lag that's present with most Bluetooth earbuds and speakers. That makes it possible to play games in public with the sound on and not have headphones blocking your hearing.

Razer Anzu also has microphones built in so you can chat with other gamers or use it like a Bluetooth earpiece for phone and video calls. Razer quotes the battery life at 5.5 hours and Derrek found that's pretty accurate so long as you're not out and about for several hours with the volume on full blast.

When you do head out, you can easily pop out those blue light lenses and snap in the polarized set that comes in the box. These are great UV-light-blocking lenses that make you look great while enjoying the great outdoors.

Plus, these work with your favorite virtual assistant so you can use your phone hands-free while on the go or in the car. They're also IPX4 water resistant so you won't have to worry about them in the rain.

If you're a prescription lens wearer you'll have to order custom-made lenses through Lensabl, which makes these smart glasses even better. For $50, how can you beat such a great pair of frames? Simply put, you can't.

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