Prime Day, Amazon's yearly celebration of Prime members, is right around the corner, and with it comes a large variety of deals on products like smart home accessories, Bluetooth electronics, home goods, video games and more. Many of the best deals on Prime Day however end up consisting of Amazon products.

In essence, the day was created to promote Amazon's lineup of Echo devices and offer them to customers at a really nice low price which is unobtainable any other day of the year. While no specific date has been set for this year's event yet, Prime Day has always occurred during mid-July, and this year should be no exception.

Just as we do every day, Team Thrifter will be covering all of the greatest price drops when the sale goes live on Amazon; based on Prime Days of years past, we're already expecting Echo devices to become one of the store's biggest sellers during that time. Until then, however, we'll be preparing the site and staying on our toes waiting to see just what surprises Amazon will offer.

During Prime Day 2017, the previous generation Echo was sold for $90 which was half of its regular price. These days, the current generation Echo sells for $100, so I think it's safe to say we'll be seeing a drop below $90 this time. The last time Thrifter shared a deal on the Echo was back in December when it was on sale for just $80; it also saw that price around Black Friday 2017. Considering Prime Day will occur almost eight months after that deal, it's not a reach at all to assume the second-generation Echo will be on sale for $80 or lower. If Amazon really wanted to get units moving, I think $60 would be a stellar price point. That'd also drop its price to just $10 above the regular cost of an Echo Dot.

Speaking of which, the Echo Dot was down to $30 for Black Friday last year (and $35 during the previous Prime Day). Bringing it a bit further down to $20 would be a huge drop, though they may also offer a combo deal featuring multiple Echo Dot devices at a discount. Two for $50 would be a great deal as well.

Moving past those devices, Amazon has a wide range of other Echo and Alexa-enabled products too: like the Amazon Tap Bluetooth speaker and the Echo Spot. Looking at previous deals on these products, it won't be a surprise to see them drop about 25% below their current prices. It's more of an inevitability and a wait to see whether they'll fall any further.

We'd love to see Amazon throw some really fantastic deals into the mix here, past what we're expecting. Seeing any of these devices at half-price would qualify. For what it's worth, the device which will probably receive the lesser discount of them all is the recent Echo Dot Kids Edition. Keeping in mind it includes a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited (valued at $83 by itself), I wouldn't expect to see it receive a discount of more than $20 off. The Echo Spot and Echo Plus also weren't released yet during last year's sale, meaning this year should be the first big Prime Day discount for them.

Stay tuned to Thrifter in the coming weeks as Prime Day inches closer. We'll be sharing the latest news, essential info and, of course, the best deals around as more on this year's event is revealed.

Did you hear? Amazon Prime is increasing its yearly membership price to $119 beginning on May 11. Prime Day deals are only available to Prime members, so you may want to lock in the lower price while you can.

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