Galaxy Buds LiveSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

The Galaxy Buds Live — a.k.a. Galaxy Beans — are the latest additions to Samsung's wireless audio pantry, and rank among the best wireless earbuds out there. They launched in the UK back in August for £179, but now they've been reduced by 42% on Amazon UK to just £103.16.

That's the equivalent of around 25 kilograms of the other kind of beans, if bought in bulk on Amazon — though those lack many of the Buds' key features, like active noise cancellation and a handy charging case.

The £103 figure gets you the Galaxy Buds Live in white. For £105, the black variant can be yours. But if you want the Buds Live variant bearing the closest visual resemblance to their beany doppelgangers, the "mystic bronze" color still sits at £153.99.

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Galaxy Buds Live Mystic Bronze

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live look like beans, fit in everyone's ears, and have a great sound profile. ANC is a bit lacking, but they will still do a great job for the majority of users. The £100 mark is usually the territory of budget buds, so the Beans stand up very well at this price point.

£103 at Amazon UK

Smaller and more affordable than many higher end wireless earbuds, these beans are excellent everyday cans. As AC's Joe Maring discovered in his Galaxy Buds Live review:

For me, it all comes down to the rest of the Galaxy Buds Live experience rather than that one feature. The audio quality is great, I have zero issues with battery life, there are plenty of extra features/settings to mess around with, and that standout design pays off well. Not only are the Buds Live comfortable to wear, but I also have to give Samsung a lot of credit for trying something so radically different rather than churning out another iterative product.

They're not as great on toast or with a full English breakfast, but if you're in the market for quality true wireless earbuds without spending a ton, this deal's definitely worth a look.

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