Prime Day has deals for everything inside and outside of your home, but what about on the road? From car chargers to cleaners and cables, these are the automotive accessories your faithful ride deserves — nay, demands — this Prime Day.

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Best price yet: iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charge Car Mount Kit

Staff pick

iOttie's mounts have been on Lightning deals throughout the last two days, but this deal is even better than the $35 we saw for the air vent version of this dock we say last night. If you've got a Qi-enabled phone, buy this mount right now, before it sells out!!

$32 (was $50) at Amazon

MOAR POWER: Maxboost 63W Universal Car Charger

This charger has a large footprint and even larger capacity. The USB-C port here can charge at 45W — top speed for most Chromebooks and a reasonable rate for Macbooks, too — and the USB-A port is Qualcomm QC 3.0.

$20 (was $25) at Amazon

Need a jump?: RAVPower Car Jump Starter Portable Power Bank 1000A

There's nothing worse than getting in your car at midnight after a long day of work — or walking eight miles around Walt Disney World — and finding your car won't start. This jumpstarter can charge your tech when you don't need to jump a car, but nothing replaces a good emergency jump starter.

$60 (was $75) at Amazon

Reach the backseat: UGREEN USB-C to USB-C Cable

For a Power Delivery charger you need a C-to-C cable like this sturdy model from UGREEN. While six feet might seem like overkill in a car, it's only overkill until your kids in the back need to charge their phones on the way to school because they forgot to charge it overnight again.

$6 (was $8) at Amazon

Keep it clean: Febreze Car Air Freshener

Keeping that new car smell going is next to impossible, but Febreeze is here to help you get rid of some of the funk your ride accumulates over time. This multi-pack lasts a while, and the two scents allow you to mix things up.

$9 (was $12) at Amazon

Take the wheel: Valleycomfy Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover

I live in Florida, and if I get in my car between the hours of 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. my steering wheel is on fire. I need me one of these, and you probably do, too. There's a variety of styles available from this listing and they're all on sale!

$14 (was $18) at Amazon

Fight the sun: TinPlanet Marvel Avengers Car Windshield Sunshade

If you don't own a sunshade, you need to get one. If you own a sunshade, but it's ripped and ratty like my dad's, you need to get a new one. These sunshades have Marvel superheroes (and Thanos, if you're a villains fan), so you can fight the sun in style.

$14 (was $18) at Amazon

Magnetic magic: AUKEY Air Vent Magnetic Car Phone Mount

I love magnetic mounts. They're a literal snap to use since you hold your phone up to the mount and the magnetic plate sticks to the magnets inside this hockey puck of a mount. And since it's on your air vents, it can help keep the phone cool in the summer.

$8 (was $20) at Amazon

PD + QC + OK: Meagoes Rapid USB PD Car Charger

We've finally hit the point where Power Delivery car chargers are becoming mainstream, and this 18W charger from Meagoes is an excellent compact size while still being easy to see and easy to use. The USB-A port also offers QC 3.0 for older phones.

$13 (was $16) at Amazon

Go hands-free: TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit

Your car might not be able to add Android Auto or Apple CarPlay without getting a new radio, but so long as your receiver has an AUX port, you can at least get Bluetooth on it with this handy kit, which comes with air-vent mounted media and hands-free controls.

$19 (was $24) at Amazon

For screens and dashes: Slymeay Car Wash Mitt (2-Pack)

I keep one of these in my center console at all times, so that I can wipe down my touchscreen and my dashboard so that it stays shiny and pretty and the touchscreen doesn't start getting any build-up on it. You could use them for car washes, but I prefer using them as dusters.

$8 (was $11) at Amazon

Goodbye engine light: AUTOPHIX 3210 Bluetooth OBD2 Enhanced Car Diagnostic Scanner

Deal with that check engine light without shelling out $100 — or check sensors and metrics on a car with a dashboard that may be starting to lie to you — with this OBD2 scanner that you can leave in and then check with your phone over Bluetooth.

$30 (was $43) at Amazon

Short for Android Auto: JXMOX USB Type C Cable Braided Fast Charge Cord (3-Pack)

Since you need USB-C to USB-A for Android Auto, you should keep a couple of spares on hand, and I like short cables over longer cables for Android Auto because the longer it is, the more likely it is to break and the more likely you are to try and use your phone while driving.

$8 (was $10) at Amazon

Drive on down

For today, tomorrow, and years to come, the Maxboost Charger with its insane 45W Power Delivery speeds will keep all your tech big and small charged in the car, and I've needed a new steering wheel cover since I bought my CR-V last year.

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