The best phone of 2023 is $300 off for Prime Day

Carved cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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We've had our share of amazing phones so far in 2023, but so far, none have been quite as solid as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. With a blazing-fast processor, superb battery life, a refined design over the S22 Ultra, and even better cameras, it's no wonder this $300 off deal on Prime Day is so fantastic.

This particular deal is for the 512GB version of the S23 Ultra, which includes plenty of storage space for all the pictures and video you can save. And trust me when I say you'll be taking a lot of pictures and video with this phone because the camera is so darn good it's borderline crazy.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB: $1,379 $1,079 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB: $1,379 $1,079 at Amazon

Ready for a phone purchase you won't regret? The Galaxy S23 Ultra packs everything in one sleek design and has more options than you ever thought were possible. Plus, that 100x zoom camera will blow your mind every single time you use it. Guaranteed.

For me, the most impressive part of the S23 Ultra's camera is its ability to zoom into any subject — almost no matter how far away it is — and still snap a clear picture. Samsung's software utilizes that 200MP main sensor plus the two telephoto cameras all at the same time, combining the result into a photo that's unbelievably crisp and clean.

And no other company's phones takes better video than Samsung's. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, being the pinnacle of the company's smartphone products, will capture the moment exactly as you remembered it, including recording quality up to 8K. That's great, especially if you pick the 512GB phone model since 8K video takes up a serious amount of space.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 256GB: $1,199 $949 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 256GB: $1,199 $949 at Amazon

Don't need all that space? Save $130 and go with the 256GB model instead! You can always back up your photos and videos to Google Photos, anyway, and you'll still get all the same great features as the 512GB model.

More frugal folks will want to check out the Galaxy S23 Ultra 256GB model, which halves the storage and saves you an additional $130. Lots of local storage is nice, but cloud storage options are aplenty these days, making local storage seem like less of a big deal.

I've never bought a phone with the largest amount of storage and, quite frankly, find 256GB to be more than enough for tons of apps and games, plus all those pictures and videos. I'm someone who takes a lot of photos and videos, and I still never run out of space, made even easier by using the "free up space" feature on Google Photos.

And even if you're not a huge camera aficionado, the features Samsung offers its customers are simply unparalleled. Samsung apps like Good Lock let you customize every single part of the UI, and the company offers a bevy of great Galaxy products that work especially well when paired with Samsung phones.

And don't worry about the upcoming phones for the Fall. There's no big new processor coming out until next year, so you're not going to feel like you missed out on some huge upgrade just because you're buying a phone that came out a few months ago.

If anything, waiting a few months just got you an amazing deal, so don't wait any longer! Grab this deal today.

Thinborne ultrathin case for Galaxy S23 Ultra: 35% off at Amazon

Thinborne ultrathin case for Galaxy S23 Ultra: 35% off at Amazon

Love the look of your phone but don't like how slippery it is? Thinborne keeps your phone looking like it's supposed to while providing scratch protection and much-needed grip. Use code 35QPDGFK on Amazon to get an extra 35% off!

Wanting to protect that phone right out of the gate? We recommend the Carved Traveler case - that's the one pictured above - or the Thinborne ultrathin case, the latter of which is on sale for Prime Day. Just use code 35QPDGFK when checking out.

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